Trying Hard To Forget

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this man has been living in pain for so long, he needed to stop the pain, and thats exactly what he did.

Submitted: January 13, 2009

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Submitted: January 13, 2009



Heavy breathing continues as he walks up the stairs. He looks back to see who’s behind him, there’s no one. He began to pace up the stairs. The breathing had gotten closer. He stopped before he takes the next step, the breathing has gotten quieter. Dark pale red blood dripped from his nose, he looked questioned. Not knowing what’s happening with his body, tears started rolling down his eyes, but he wasn’t crying, actually they weren’t tears at all; it was blood, blood, blood coming from his eyes. Screaming was coming from down the hallway from his apartment. He looks down at his shirt to see the blood being soaked into his shirt, but there was nothing, no blood, no screaming.


“Am I hallucinating” he said terrifyingly. He stared at the shirt, not moving a muscle. He body had become tensed and stiff; he was cold as the devils heart. “Nathan I will always love you, no matter what,” a choked up voice said barely. Nathans body began to shake, he couldn’t take it anymore. He jingled his keys into the door. His hands were unsteady and sweaty. When he had finally opened the door, the place was dark, not even a bat can see in there. He used his hands to search for the switch, but he couldn’t find it. He had walked everywhere, nothing. He quickly walked out of the apartment, and headed back down the stairs. As he was going down he looked up at the ceiling, he stopped walking. On the pure white paint of the walls there were blood marks, it had said, (I will always love you). “Stop it, Stop it Stop it,” he repeated over and over again. Guilty tears began to roll down his eyes. He wanted to forget that day of what he had done, the night that his life was taken away.



He had woken up from his sleep; everything was quiet, and still. He rose from the couch and began to walk to the bathroom, when he had glanced down; he had seen a piece of clothing, a black shirt, not any shirt for a woman to wear, but for a man. His face became questioned, confused of why a mans shirt is in the hallway, and not even his. Continues to walk forward and spots another piece of clothing, but this time it is a for a woman, her undergarments. His Rage has gotten bigger, there’s something going on, and he needed to answer his question. His destination stop was his bedroom door. Usually its open, but it was shut, he grabbed onto the doorknob and twisted, but didn’t open, and it was locked. He started banging on the door in rage, “Open this door now, Lisa I know you’re in there, now come out now,” he said yelling. “Ok,” she said with a shaky voice. She slowly began to open the door, he pushed it open instead, the door had hit her head, and caused her to fall down, and she crawled to the corner quickly in fear. The man was no where in sight, “I know he’s in here somewhere,” he said. He want to the closet, she began to cry. When he opened the closet, there stood the man, but he wasn’t a stranger, he actually knew him very well. Tears began to roll down Nathans eyes, his face blew up with redness. “Why,” Nathan said while trying so hard to not unleash his anger and rage on him. “Nathan, I’m sorry,” Lisa whispered. “SHUT UP,” Nathan screamed. “Why Shaun, huh, why out of all the women, you have to take mine, your my brother,” he said yelling. Shaun eyes told him everything, it was love. Nathan couldn’t take it anymore, he had unleashed his rage. He threw Shaun to the wall, and began to choke him. Lisa tried to stop him, but she couldn’t. Nathan turned around and grabbed Lisa by the neck, and pushed her hardly to the door. The back of her head had hit the door knob. He had heard her scream in pain, he glanced at the door, there was blood on it, and she slid to the pure white wall, and made blood marks on it. When he had turned back around to face Shaun, he was already dead. Shaun’s face looked pale white, blood running down his nose. As Nathan released his hands from Shaun’s neck, you can see the hand prints on it, like he had left his shadow behind on it. Shaun’s lifeless body collapsed on the floor.



Nathan looked down on Lisa; she laid there crying as she held her head. He walked over to her slowly. She was frightened by him. “Why,” she said crawling away. “Five years together, and you want to throw it all away by sleeping with my brother,” he yelled. “But I,” before she could say another word, Nathan grabbed her by the neck, and slung her across the room. Blood had drawled from her mouth. She got back up, but couldn’t stand up anymore, she collapsed on the bed, laying there trying to breathe, heavy breathing continued from her. “I loved you, and you broke my heart, by sleeping with my sibling, my brother, my blood,” he said screaming in her face. Tears began to fall on the bed. In his mind he wanted to touchier her, to make her suffer, so he did just that.


He began to tie her up to the bed. As tight as he can go, her scream sounded UN human. The rope had cut into her skin, but that was only the beginning. He cut each wrist, and almost beat her half to death. Has he gone mad, his thoughts were UN ordinary for a human. Minutes have gone by, and she had gotten weaker. The pruneness of her wrist, and the blackness of her veins, her dark pale red blood streamed down her arm. She couldn’t even lift her finger; she just lay there, lifeless. He watched her, emotionless, no feeling towards of what’s happening to his love. “Nathan, im sorry..... Just know that I will always love you, and.......” she had stopped breathing. Nathan stared at her body, and then broke down into tears. He walked over to her, and gently touched her. Ten minutes has gone by, and she still laid there. Finally he pulled the cover over her body.


He couldn’t never forget that day, he tourchered his mind of what he had done. He began to run back up the stairs, tears rolling down his eyes, he was shaking in fear, and anger. He stopped and looked around, he was breathing heavy, like he couldn’t breathe, his eyes had gotten wide when he seen the door, it was a door that had led to the roof. He slowly walked to it, tears coming down faster, and his face became red. He buried his face into his hands, letting out every tear in his body that he can produce, until there is nothing left. “I’m so sorry Lisa, I’m so sorry,” he whispered to himself. He leaned his body against the door, he just stood there, emotionless, and nothing left in him. He rose up from the door, and slowly opened it. He walked slowly up the stairs. Along the way he kept hearing voices saying, “ I love you, and always know that, I love you Nathan, I love you,”. The voice kept repeating over and over again until he made it on the roof. “ Be with me, I love you, I need you, and you need me,” the voice says. He walks over to the edge of the roof, looking down, down at the world. He steps up on the edge and looks up. “ Baby in coming back to you, I love you to, and I need you,” he yelled. He was drawing attention from the people walking on the sidewalk. He looked down, seeing everybody looking up. He just smiled at them,  then dropped.

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