Ocean of secrets

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One of my poems. Im new, so dont judge too much please :)

Submitted: May 10, 2012

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Submitted: May 10, 2012



Endless ocean
deep, dark, blue.
Whisper me your secrets
as I'm watching you.


Tell me all about your sorrow, passion..
Deep confessions through the night,
whisper in my heart.


Have I told you about my life
and all the times I want to cry..
All the places that I've been,
all the people that I've seen,
all the times I've said 'goodbye',
all the faces I can't fight.
In my mind.


Tell me please about the sky
and the treasures that you hide.
I can feel you through the breeze
and you're sending me a kiss,
but I haven't told you yet
about my very selfish self.

I will leave you right away
If you love me, anyway, but pray.
Pray for me to be okay
and I will send you every day
my embrace.


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