Dekan Weir

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Besides the point, it's naked wear.

Submitted: October 21, 2017

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Submitted: October 21, 2017



Naked in truth

Naked with you

Naked with everybody I lie next to and lie to

My parents say its shameful

My friends think its weird

My boyfriend thinks its disgusting

And my girlfriend dosen't care

So what's the difference

Is there a change

I am just naked

Free with the being that is me

And if others bring me comfort

And provide the warmth that I need

Then what's the problem

If your just like me

Because you are naked 

Everytime I see you

You will always be naked

It will never be anything new

Everyone disapproves

No one's on my side

I have enemies

Just cause I'm naked

But I'm in bed

Where it's granted accepted

So what's the problem

What is so wrong

Am I hurting your children

Have I killed anybody


Or are they dead

Just because I choose to be bare

I love nakedness

I love to live in it

Though others don't want it with me

So hard to give all this love to it

I want to spit on all of you

Because you'll never get it

I wasn't hurt

There is no trama

No one went wrong

I just love being naked

It's clear

It's see through

And it's the only thing I have left dear

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