Kitty Cat Lament

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This is a poem I wrote in response to a prompt to write a piece including six types of balls. I came up with seven. Purely for fun, please enjoy. :-)

Submitted: November 07, 2011

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Submitted: November 07, 2011



Poor, poor kitty, why so glum?
Haackkk, haaackkkk, glubbb.... HAIR BALL, here it come.
Kitty, kitty, why did you yack?
Must've been the dust ball I dined on as a snack.

Why eat the dust ball, why not your kibbles?
The basket ball's in my dish, whenever your son dribbles.
Surely my son doesn't dribble in the house.
Lady that's a basket ball, it sure ain't a mouse!

Too true kitty, here's a tennis ball to fetch.
For crying out loud lady, I'm becoming a kvetch.
First I hack and I yack and I face a basket ball.
Now you want me to play chase, whack my head on the wall.

Oh dear kitty, I think I'll crochet.
Play with my yarn ball and have a fun day.
No way lady, last time I did that.
You crocheted me into a blanket, on me someone SAT.

Okay kitty, dinner time for you.
What would you like, some yummy kitty stew?
I think not, that just won't do.
Maybe some spaghetti with meat balls, YAHOO!

Kitty, laying happy by the living room telly.
Looking so content with a nice full belly.
You look like a beach ball, but that's alright.
Go to sleep kitty, have sweet dreams tonight. :-)

Meow.... The End!!

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