Once upon a time boyfriend

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This poem is about an Ex boyfriend.

Submitted: January 06, 2012

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Submitted: January 06, 2012




Once upon a time

Once upon a time said I would never love,

I would never love more than I did you.

Once upon a time said we would be together forever,

And that you were my everything.


Two wonderful years,

Gone in the wind.


But those two years,

Not a waste.


You were just a stepping-stone in my life

A stone that helped me realize,

Where I was headed.


We made it threw long distance,

And parents’ disapproval.

We both thought,

Thought everything was going to work out for us.



We both began to grow,

Grow in ways we both despised.

We began to be like fire and ice.


You said you loved me,

Loved me with all your heart.

But how did you love,

How did you love when all you did was hurt?


Mental, physical,

Everything above.

You began to change

Change into someone you weren’t.


I began to hate,

Hate everything I had.

Yeah, I still loved you,

But couldn’t the way I wanted to.



You, and me

Will never again be.



So once upon a time,

Became once upon a time.


Now my once upon a time story is happy.

The love of my life stands right beside me.


Not in front of like a leader,

Or behind like a lost puppy.


My once upon a time will end yes.

But only will do so when I die.


For my once upon a time is for life.

Forever love.

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