Everybody Must Die

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All short stories were published under my real name at the time.

Submitted: December 23, 2013

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Submitted: December 23, 2013



Plot - After being released from jail for attempted murder, 28 year old part time hustler part time loan shark Nicolas Yale aka Zero on the streets is out for blood once he realizes his wife and 8 year old son were killed execution style. Through the grapevine he finds out it was a drug lord named D'Lo who was responsible for the hit who just so happened to be the father of the victim KJ he almost murdered. It's better to be pissed off then pissed on as Zero realizes that the only way to fix this is to get revenge and retribution on D'Lo and his crew. Zero gathers up his own crew, and puts his own judgement on them. Zero comes to the conclusion that Everybody Must Die..........




Inside the court room Zero was sitting with his lawyer as one of the jury members stood up to give the verdict. “We the jury find Nicolas Yale guilty of Attempted Murder.” the jury member said as he sat down the court room was in a frenzy. “Order order order” Judge Shane Adams said as the people in the court room settled down. Zero’s mother was there along with his crew Wiz, Don, Fatima, and JR his cousin. “Mr. Yale I hereby sentence you to 8 years behind bars”. Zero’s pregnant girlfriend Fatima was in tears as he wouldn’t even be able to see the birth of his baby boy. “Do you have anything to say for yourself young man?” the Judge asked. Zero stood up with his grey pinstriped Giorgio Armani suit and tie. “Fuck this system! Nothing but a load of bullshit!” Zero yelled as the bailiff’s put him in handcuffs and escorted him out the court room on his way to jail. Zero was lucky he even got 8 years he could have got double with 16 years, but he had a good expensive lawyer which sure as hell didn’t come cheap. KJ the victim the one Zero put in a wheel chair was smiling at the sentence sitting next to his lawyer, but little did he know his days were numbered.

Chapter 1


Years later Zero was sitting on the bottom bunk of the cell he shared with his cellmate who went by the name Too Nice. Zero couldn’t take his snoring anymore as he banged his fist on the bottom of the top bunk. “A yo homie I can’t sleep with you snoring and shit. I can’t even hear myself think!” Zero said firmly. “ A yo first of all I’m not your homie and second of all there is two things you can do about my snoring and that’s nothing and like it!” Too Nice said nonchalantly. “Watch your mouth you need to check yourself.” Zero said raising his voice getting amped up. All of a sudden Too Nice jumped off the top bunk as Zero got up off his bunk quicker than a hiccup. They sized each other up as Zero was the bigger of the two weighing around 220 with a height of 6 foot 2 inches. His skin was a caramel complexion. Too Nice was 25 years old 5 foot 10 inches 195 pounds, half black half Mexican pretty boy who specialized in armed robbery and boosting. Zero could see in his eyes he wasn’t no killer, but then again you should never under estimate your enemy or lack thereof. “You feelin froggy then jump nigga.” Too Nice said with a glare in his eyes. Zero snuffed Too Nice in the face as Too Nice fell to the ground covering his nose, which was now bloody and broken. Zero kicked him in his ribs and spit on him. “Bitch ass nigga now look at you” Zero spat all hyped up. “What the fuck is going on in here?” as two CO’s approached the cell door. “A yo get this bitch ass nigga out my cell before I catch another case.” Zero yelled defiantly. One of the CO’s got on his walkie talkie and contacted the Warden Smith. The black CO talked to warden through the walkie talkie as the white CO looked down at Too Nice and laughed and said “You should change your name from Too Nice to Too Weak. You smell me dog?” the white CO started laughing. “Looks like we got Mr. Yale & Mr. Salazar who just got into a fight. Mr. Salazar nose seems to be broken” the black CO said to Warden Smith. “Ok take Mr. Salazar and put him in a cell alone. I’ll let him see a nurse tomorrow for medical attention, but in the meantime he will have to suffer for now. As for Mr. Yale put him on 24 hour suicide watch. You know the drill, and make sure you don’t give him a fork or spoon let him eat like the dog he is. I’ll check on him in a few hours.” Warden Smith responded harshly. Ever since Zero came to do his bid in this facility the Warden Smith made his life a living hell.


A few hours later Zero was in a different cell alone stripped down his boxers the only thing in there was a cot. The Warden Smith appeared in front of the cell with a slight grin on his face. Warden Gordon Smith was black with a bald head and a beer belly with 20 years on the job at the Correctional Facility in Cheshire, CT. “Well since you like to break people’s noses I’m going to suspend your visitation rights for the next two weeks.” Warden Smith said with a frown on his face. “ You know I’ve put up with your shit for the past 7 years of this 8 year bid, shit one more year isn’t’ going to kill me.” Zero responded. “ Any chance I get you slip up I’ll find a way for you to stay longer shit head!” Warden Smith said smugly. Zero gave him the two finger salute it was a salute “Stone Cold” Steve Austin would have been proud of. “Ok instead of two weeks let’s make it one month” Warden Smith said as he left grinning from ear to ear.

One month went by very slow. Zero was excited to see his beautiful wife Fatima and his 8 year old son Nicolas Yale Jr. the second. A overweight correctional officer escorted Zero to the visiting area as Zero hugged his wife and son. “So how is everything going?” Zero asked. “Everything is roses. Our son is doing well in school, and to top it off I hit the lottery for ten grand on one of them scratch off tickets.” Fatima replied.

“That’s a nice chunk of change, but forget the small talk do you got that for me?” Zero asked. Fatima nodded her head and looked around to make sure no one was paying attention to what was about to go down. She put her fingers inside her vagina and pulled out a bag of blow that was about a few grams, and handed it to Zero underneath the table. Nobody noticed as Zero put it in his right shoe. This wasn’t the first time Fatima had smuggled drugs inside the facility for her husband. Zero didn’t smoke, drink, or do drugs so he always sold it to other inmates at a fair price. “Daddy when are you coming home?” Zero’s son asked. “In about eleven months son so that means real soon” Zero replied. Zero had watched his son grow over the years since being locked up as his wife and son visited at least once a month. “Fatima they are trying to black ball me in this motherfucker. I know this is going to be a long eleven months, but you and our son you both mean the world to me.” Zero said sincerely. “Just keep your head up until you’re released. I’m sick and tired of living in Connecticut. When you get out let’s go vacation somewhere like the Tahiti or Hawaii or even Jamaica.” Fatima said. “That sounds like a good idea I will make a mental note on that. Anyway just be safe and keep a low profile, and make sure…….” Fatima cut him off. “I know I know always make sure I’m always strapped. You tell me every time I come and visit you.” “Yeah because it’s better to be safe than sorry.” Zero replied. “Visitors time is up!” the CO barked to everyone in the visiting area. Zero kissed and hugged his wife and son goodbye. Little did they know all hell was about to break loose.

As they escorted Zero back to his cell he saw some guy jerking off on the bottom bunk as he passed by. Sitting in his cell he decided to do his usual 100 push-ups and even did a 100 sit ups perfecting his 6 pack abs. After being locked up for over six years he developed a hard body. Last year he was stabbed twice getting into a beef with a gangbanger and Zero retaliated and did the other guy filthy by breaking his nose and his jaw. He didn’t stop there as he stomped on his face and neck. The other inmates witnessed that shit first hand, and they made a mental note that Zero was downright vicious and not to be fucked with. After he finished his 100th sit up he laid back down on his bunk thinking back to how he got arrested in the first place.

Chapter 2


Zero was driving in his all white classic Ford Mustang listening to 2 Pac’s Me Against The World. His gear was a all white t-shirt, some Grey Denim Akademik Jeans, and black and white Jordan’s with an all black New York Yankees New Era fitted. Not to mention the gold Rolex he had around his wrist, and a gold cross around his neck. Zero was on his way to collect some money from a dude named KJ who owed him racks on racks on racks. He let him borrow $10,000, but being the loan shark that Zero was he charged double plus interest so KJ was in debt to him for $20,000 and some change. Zero made it to his destination and parked in his car in front of KJ’s grey house. KJ’s black Mercedes Benz was parked in his drive way. Zero turned off the car engine, and grabbed his bitch under the seat. The thing he called his bitch just so happened to be his 357. Magnum. He put it inside his front waistband, and got out the car and knocked on KJ’s front door. At first no one answered , but with some more persistent knocking he heard the door locks unlocking. KJ opened the door with a blue bath robe on. KJ was about six feet with dark skin, and he kind of looked like Wesley Snipes. “What’s up Zero? Come on in man I just got out the shower.” KJ said kind of nervous. Zero stepped inside the house as KJ closed the door behind him. “You want anything to drink? Hennessy, Patron, Courvoisier? I got it all” KJ asked. “I’m good I’m just here to collect that debt you owe me, which is twenty grand plus interest.” Zero replied. “Well I only got a few grand I could give you, and the rest of the money I could get in a few more months.” KJ said. Zero scanned the living room and found a pile of cocaine on top of the coffee table. Zero knew KJ was a coke head, but tried to give him the benefit of the doubt. On top of that he didn’t even have half the money. “Wrong answer” Zero said as he pulled out his 357. Magnum and shot him in his right leg. KJ yelled out in pain, but Zero gave him a look of no mercy and no sympathy“ “Fuck that you been owing me my bread for about 3 months now I want to be paid in full!” Zero said all vexed up. “Listen I can’t give you something I don’t have!” KJ said as he pleaded for his life. “I’m going to ask you one more time….do you have my money?” There was so much tension in the air you could cut it with a knife.

 At this point KJ thought he was as good as dead so he turned around and tried to grab his gun that was in the kitchen. Another wrong move as Zero pulled the trigger and shot in the back not once but twice. Zero quickly found a plastic bag and dumped all the coke inside of it. He quickly scanned the house and found some jewelry worth some value. Zero also looked inside the closet of his master bedroom upstairs and found a safe. For some reason it wasn’t locked and there wasn’t anything inside. “Broke ass motherfucker” Zero mumbled under his breath. Zero came back downstairs into the living room “Oh my god I can’t feel my legs” KJ cried out in severe pain. “Shut the fuck up you pussy ass nigga you know what time it is!” Zero said with a glare as he went inside his pockets and took out a wad of cash, which was about a few thousand. Zero kicked him in his dead knocking him into unconsciousness. “Sayonara sucker” Zero said as he left the house quickly and hopped into his Mustang. He would of took his Benz to if he had someone else with him. Zero quickly dropped the plastic bag of blow and jewelry at one of his stash houses. He also got rid of his bitch to wiping off his fingerprints and throwing the weapon into the water under the bridge. What he didn’t know was that one of KJ’s neighbors heard the gunshots called the cops and gave a description of his car. The last thing Zero needed was for someone to snitch on him. Zero thought he was in the clear, but he forgot that he had two 357. Magnum’s under his seat and the one he threw over the bridge was the wrong one. The actual one he shot off was under his driver seat. He was driving down Main Street in Bridgeport. As he was staring through his rearview he saw about three cop cars behind him as they demanded that he stop his car. Zero slowed down and stopped his car. As the three police cars came to a stop they got out with their guns drawn. “Cut off the car and come out with your hands up!” one of the cops yelled. Zero stepped on the gas and quickly started gaining speed. The cops got back in there car and the chase was on again. Zero looked at his gas meter and it was past empty. The car was going to run out of gas any minute, and that’s what it did a few minutes later. Zero cursed himself for not filling up the gas tank earlier. Zero knew he was screwed and got out the car with his hands up. There were about six cop cars now. “Get down on the ground with your hands behind your back now!” one of the officers yelled. They all had their guns drawn as Zero surrendered. They arrested him and put him into custody and found the evidence of his weapon under the seat. KJ was paralyzed from the waist down from the gunshots to his back and spine. He would confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Whoever snitched on Zero wanted remain anonymous. The State of Connecticut charged Zero with Attempted Murder and his lawyer managed to get the gun charge dropped since he had a gun license. His lawyer also managed to get rid of the fleeing and alluding charge and to get them to go down to 8 years after the District Attorney wanted a 12 year sentence. After he was released he would be put on one year of probation. What Zero didn’t know was that KJ’s father D’Lo had a criminal empire consisting of selling drugs, extortion, money laundering, racketeering, and other criminal activity.

Chapter 3


KJ was at his Father D’Lo’s big house in Stamford, CT. His house was so big it was like he lived in a building. “Zero is getting out of jail less than a year from now. Nobody does what he did to me and gets away with it! Look at me I been confined to a wheelchair for over 7 years! I’m a fuckin cripple!” KJ yelled in anger as he finished drinking his bottle of Patron. KJ was drunk and depressed as he sniffed the rest of the blow he had on top of his $100 dollar bill. They were both inside D’Lo’s office as D’Lo spoke up. “You’re my only son and no one does what that prick did and gets away with it. Oh yes there will be blood, and there will be retribution” D’Lo was about six feet seven about the size of Suge Knight with a brown skin complexion. He wore his hair in corn rows, and usually could be seen puffin on a Cuban cigar. “We will get him where it hurts the most.” D’Lo said puffing on his cigar. “What do you have in mind?” KJ asked. “His wife and son”. “What about them?” “It’s simple……we kill em’” D’Lo said with malice in his cold heart.

Zero was now in his cell doing 100 push-ups and sit ups. Since being locked up his fitness had him built like a brick. After he was done Zero pounded his chest with his fist and yelled “I’m a motherfuckin beast!!”. He was a fitness freak, and good with his hands. Zero even took up boxing for a while way back before he got locked up. Most niggaz in jail showed him respect, but some niggaz just wasn’t feeling his swagger. Eventually those who didn’t like him got dealt with. If worst came to worst he had no problem committing a 187. Zero was now shadow boxing in his cell as a big fat beefy correctional officer named Cliff Sanders yelled “Time for chow! Time for chow!

  Inside the cafeteria Zero was eating his lunch when all of a sudden a fight broke out between two inmates. The smaller of the two landed a uppercut on the tall dude, which dazed him and then he just dropped like a sack of potatoes. As the tall dude was laid out the small dude sat right back down and continued eating his lunch. Regular hood shit.

  Fatima and her son were living in a two bedroom condo in hard hittin New Britain, CT. She supplemented her income by being a Pawnbroker at a large pawn shop, which her father owned. Fatima’s father never approved of her going out with Zero. Mr. Fisher was glad he was locked up because he thought he was a menace to society. Mr. Fisher only tolerated him out of love and respect for his daughter. Fatima was in the kitchen cooking steak, corn, and mashed potatoes. Nic Jr. was asleep in his room. There was a knock at the door as Fatima was expecting her sister Whitney to come over. She opened the door and got a fist to the jaw as she staggered back clutching her face. Fatima was shocked as three men entered armed with some fire power as they closed the door behind them. They had a AK47, Pistol with a silencer, and a shotgun. The three masked men were working with some heavy artillery. “Shut the fuck up you stupid bitch!” one of the masked men said as he hit her in the head with the butt of the shotgun. “Fuck all that just shoot the bitch so we can get the fuck out of here” another masked man said. “Nah fuck that we going to rape this bitch first!”. The masked man stripped her of her clothes and took off her bra and panties. “No please don’t do this I have money I can give you whatever you want! Please just don’t hurt me or my son!” Fatima pleaded in tears. “What the fuck do you think this is, Let’s Make a Deal?” the masked man replied. He slapped her in the face as all three of them gang raped her. After they were done the masked man with the shotgun pulled the trigger and almost blew off her head, blood and pieces of her brain went everywhere. They then went into the bedroom of her son who was still asleep. The one with the pistol with the silencer put two bullets in the kid’s head. Killing an innocent kid was fucked up, but they didn’t care they were thinking about how much money they were going to make. The three masked men begin to raid the condo getting jewelry and some cash money. After they left and got what they wanted ten minutes later Whitney and arrived and saw that the door was half open. “Hello” Whitney called out. No answer. She entered the condo and saw the gruesome seen of what was left of her sister Fatima. Whitney almost threw up from the sight as she checked her nephew’s room to find out he was dead as well. Whitney pulled out her cellphone and dialed 911 crying hysterically. The ambulance and the police arrived five minutes later, but it was far too late. Whitney gave a statement to the police officer as the coroner took the two bodies away who were both in a body bag.


The next day Zero was in his cell doing his usual 100 push-ups when the Warden Smith came to his cell. Zero stopped doing his push-ups and got up. “What the fuck do you wan’t?” Zero asked with a frown on his face annoyed by his appearance. “I’m here to inform you that your wife and son were murdered last night.” Warden Smith said with a slight grin. “You’re a motherfuckin liar” Zero screamed. “It’s all over the fucking news you piece of shit! And guess what you will be out of this hell hole in seven months, and then you will be free. Oh and you got prices on your head buddy. “First of all I’m not your buddy, and second of get the fuck out of my presence you make me sick you fucking cock head!” Zero replied. “The feeling is mutual” Warden Smith said walking away. It didn’t sink in until other’s begin to tell him. It was on TV and the radio. Zero broke down and cried in his cell in tears. He had revenge and retribution on his mind, and his way of thinking any and every one that were involved……Everybody Must Die!

Chapter 4


A few months went by and Zero was just four months away from release. He was stressed out, and vowed to kill that cripple motherfucker KJ the one he put in a wheelchair. Zero heard through the grapevine that the ones who killed his wife and son were D’Lo’s henchmen known as the three masked men. He also found out there names which were Ace, Stone, and a guy named Dirty Mo. They were all on Zero’s shitlist. Zero also talked to his mother. What really pissed Zero off was that he wasn’t allowed to go his wife and son’s funeral, and he was pretty sure the Warden had something to do with it. Zero’s mother received a couple of death threats. So he asked his boy Wiz to relocate his Mom to a different apartment, and change phone numbers. Zero had only a few people he could count on and Wiz was his right hand man down for whatever. Then you had JR his cousin who was trigger happy. Last but not least he had Don who had his back since there High School days. They also put money on his commissary to make his life a little easier. Wiz sent him a letter saying he was getting crazy paper out there in Hartford, CT. Zero was prepared to clap back on D’Lo and his crew. ASAP. Zero was confident he could get the job done. Zero drifted off to sleep thinking about how much pussy he was going to get when he got out. He hadn’t had any in years since being locked up and a man has needs and he had a sex itch that only a woman could scratch. The eight year bid he was doing felt like sixteen years.


A few more months went by and it was now Zero’s day of release. He was finally getting out that hell hole. Zero was waiting for his ride when the Warden Smith came up to him. “Before you leave I’m here to tell you that the powers that be decided you should pay $25,000 dollars in restitution for what you did”. “Yeah whatever” Zero said. He wasn’t really trying to hear what the Warden was talking about. A few minutes later Wiz pulled up in a grey Hummer, which was customized looking like something out of Pimp My Ride. Wiz got out and greeted Zero with a dap and a fist. “ Yo Wiz thanks for holding me down during this eight year bid my nigga”. “No doubt my nigga please we practically like family” Wiz replied. They both jumped in the Hummer as Wiz got on the highway and drove them to Zero’s Mother’s house in Bridgeport, CT. When they got there Zero was ambushed by a surprise party. Quite of few people were there including JR his cousin and Don. Even Whitney was there, but she wasn’t too happy with Zero seeing as she thought his criminal activity got her sister and her nephew killed. “Welcome home Nicolas!” Zero’s Mom greeted him with a smile and a hug. “Glad to be home out of that chaos in jail” Zero replied. There was more than enough food to eat, and Zero made himself a plate of hot wings, corn on the cob, ribs, rice and beans, cornbread, and some cabbage.

 “I finally get to eat some real food!” Zero said grinning from ear to ear as he also poured himself a cup of homemade lemonade. Five minutes later all the food he ate was in his stomach. “You out did yourself on this one Ma’ it was like food heaven.” Zero said as he gulped down his lemonade. After that Zero went on the porch to talk to Wiz, JR, and Don. They were passing around a bottle of Henny and a sour diesel filled blunt. Zero didn’t smoke or drink so he just let them do their thing. “Yo my nigga we about to hit the strip club up in New Haven we need to get you right.” Wiz said taking a swig off the bottle of Henny. “ Hell yeah that’s what’s up, but we need to come up with a plan to take out this nigga KJ. Shit they talking about a got to pay restitution because of this bitch ass nigga. They smoking crack because they ain’t getting a dime out of me!” Zero said heated. “Shit we know how you feel. Don’t worry we going to make sure this nigga take a dirt nap. After he’s out the way we have to deal with his father D’Lo.” JR his cousin said. “D’Lo shouldn’t be much of a problem, but we still need a few more guys if we gonna take him out to.” Don said. “Over the next few days we will come up with a cold calculated plan, but for now we gonna have some fun because I got money to blow. So first we gonna hit the mall and get Zero right with some new fresh gear” Wiz said. “Word let’s be out this bitch then” Zero said as they all went inside Wiz’s Hummer heading to Milford Mall. Zero got some Jordan’s, Timberlands, a few pair of True Religion jeans, Jordan Brand and Nike t-shirts, and few different New Era fitted caps. After that was done they went to a jewelry store and Wiz gave Zero ten stacks to splurge on whatever he wanted. Zero came out with two gold crosses, two diamond earrings on both ears, and like the rapper Jim Jones said “He had a watch that was flooded so much he needed FEMA”. They headed back to Zero’s Mom crib as JR his cousin was a part time barber gave Zero a fresh cut Caesar and trimmed goatee. Zero then took a shower and put on his new gear with some Michael Jordan cologne. After he was right they piled inside Wiz’s tricked out Hummer and headed for New Haven to Felix’s strip club.

 They planned to find and kill KJ tomorrow, but for now they wanted to have some fun as they felt young, wild, and free. On the way they made a pit stop and got a couple of bottles of Remy Martin and some red bulls. All four of them were more than tipsy when they pulled into the parking lot of the strip club. Wiz knew the bouncer who was in front of the strip club guarding the door and gave him a few hundred dollar bills, and just like that all four of them were given VIP passes. Zero and his crew went up to the VIP area on the second floor. At their table were a few bottles of Cristal Champagne inside a bucket filled with ice. Zero and his crew were drinking and having a good time shooting the breeze. After talking with his crew Zero decided to get a lap dance from some redbone cutie. “What’s your name cutie?” Zero asked as she was grinding on his lap. “They call me Bubbles” she said smiling. He could see why because she had a bubble butt. After Zero got his groove on Wiz, JR, and Don were on their way outside to smoke some Kush. They planned to come back after they smoked. Zero followed them out downstairs and just as they were about to hit the exit something caught Zero’s eye. There was a mob of people on the dance floor and noticed a wheelchair. “Well ain’t that a bitch!” Zero said as he stopped his crew and pointed to KJ who was close to the dance floor getting a lap dance and making it rain at the same time. Zero had his eye on KJ as he made his way to the bathroom. Zero looked at his crew. “Alright I need you niggas to fall back I’m about to catch a 187 so wait in the Hummer this will only take a couple minutes.” Zero said as they couldn’t believe there luck. They exited as Zero made his way to the bathroom. Inside the bathroom Zero locked the door from the inside so no there wouldn’t be any witnesses. KJ had his back to him and Zero creeped up on him and punched him in the back of the head. Zero turned him around with hatred in his eyes. “You stupid motherfucker I should of killed you when I had the chance” Zero said. “How the hell did you find me!?” KJ said shocked. “Let’s just say it was fate, a coincidence, and I’m the grim reaper you bitch ass motherfucker!” Zero said as he punched in his face. “That punch was for Fatima!” he punched him again “That punch was for my son!” he punched him one more time “And that punch was for me!”. KJ was bleeding with a broken nose and two swollen black eyes. Zero pulled out a sharp switch blade from his pocket as KJ pleaded for his life. “Please don’t kill me! I don’t want to die! My Father put the hit out on your wife and son. I had nothing to do with it!” KJ said. Zero wasn’t trying to hear that because he knew he was full of shit. “God forgives but I don’t!” Zero said with malice as he went behind him and cut his throat from ear to ear as blood started flowing from his neck. Zero spit on him as he exited the bathroom and the strip club. Zero got into the passenger side of the Hummer. “I just sent that nigga to God so let’s be out this bitch” Zero said as he planned to kill the 3 masked men and their boss D’Lo in due time.

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