Imagine sitting on a rock peering out into the distance as our world falls to its knees before one final witness.



It took four billion years to create, our home, the Earth.  Eloquent and beautiful with every glance, from the fresh morning dew dampening the cool crisp air to the evening chirps of insects as the sun dips below the horizon.  Life, a complexity beyond all imagination and experimentation, flourishes at every corner and crevice of this world. We had yet to learn our true purpose, our true potential.  

Our intentions were always perfect and innocent, but our actions trivial and destructive. The laws of nature were never made aware of want and desire, and in turn fell short to our lust for power. We are the children of great creative minds that loathed the thought of change. As we slowly perish from the consequences we set forth, we reminisce on our previous attempts to give in to the cries and shrieks that surrounded us.  Who were we to transform what was not ours?

We were entrusted with the knowledge and intelligence to coexist and thrive, but we abused it. We threw it away in exchange for momentary contentment. Our ancestors wanted the best for their children, unfortunately the un-realized was our inheritance. We will soon reap what we’ve sown as our bodies wither from our decaying creation. Why were we chosen to see it out till the end? Peace was an object of desire and not a goal, like a light at the end of the tunnel we would never reach. As we dwell in the darkness I cannot help but feel responsible for my own demise, even though my fate was decided centuries ago by contorted representatives.

Time does not heal, it only forgets; the scars will forever remain in the rock. We walk where atoms were once split, where the destruction appears to follows us. We were never loyal to our nations, just our primitive desires for war. Some will continue to fight as others hang on to the hope for peace to the very end.

The sun will rise soon along with the radiation levels. What’s left of our atmosphere is a beautiful shimmering cloak of poisonous dust. It stirs and travels with the wind covering each corner of the Earth, seeking out the innocent and destroying it at the molecular level. We were the enemies, we did this, but life as a whole will suffer the horrifying consequences. Hell was once a detrimental thought in the back of our minds, but it is magnified every waking hour that we continue to respire.

Submitted: February 12, 2013

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