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My thoughts translated into words

It’s amazing the things we can accomplish, the masterpieces we can craft from simple Earth elements. We are a beginning before all that preceded us. There is so much beauty to our complex existence, from afar anyways. Up close we are a species of destruction; resurrected from the ever intensifying desire to leave a path to our initial roots. Past, present, and future intertwine into our lifestyles, no matter how much we create to hide our primal psychological state. Among ourselves, we are a unique well defined individual that seeks to prove everyone wrong, but what are we among the stars? Whether it to be single cellular or multi cellular to heightened planes of existence, can we really be entangled with a superior significance? Our home is scarred with the everlasting memories of our passion for destruction; entombed with the flesh of the innocent. Invisible lines spread afar and segregate our home lands forcing us to seek out our differences and oppress them. Never are we satisfied with ourselves. It took us centuries to destroy what took billions to manifest from the simplest and purest of atomic structures. From the product of our creation resurrected the eve of our destruction. Energy so pure, so powerful tempted the contorted beyond any rational thought. We are a civilization lined with the greatest of intentions of self-sacrifice; our hands drenched with the blood of our brothers and sisters. Through darkness even the smallest presence of light is seen, but the light never comes. War is petty; it is a last resort to an unimaginable thought of victory. Our brave men and women line our cemeteries only to one day be forgotten. So many souls line our roads to freedom and success, souls only to be praised when we feel guilty. We’ll never get back what was given. We can never expect forgiveness for our sins against one another. Our only salvation is to forget, like fine grains of sand bringing an unmovable mountain back to the plains. My death, I can only hope, will have some significance in this world. I can think of many reasons why I serve but deep down I believe that my purpose, my significance, is to stand between the tyranny of a monster and the innocence of a victim. I’ve done things I’m not proud of, things I regret. I know I’ll never make it past those golden gates overlooking the landscape of the free, but I’ll give everything I am to ensure that at least one innocent person can prolong their stay on this Earth and live life.

Submitted: September 01, 2013

© Copyright 2022 Nezbelthar. All rights reserved.

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