Let me tell you a story

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Submitted: October 09, 2006

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Submitted: October 09, 2006



Let me sell you a story As we search for Nirvana, we bludgeon our minds with collages of hysteria, happiness and. Sometimes even self-pity.Thoughts it seems are the only platform able to right wrongs while in reality we try simplify convoluted films of our purpose in living beyond tomorrow.Even in trying to grasp the meaning of life beyond just living. So we wrap our fingers around rigid character constraints and facade; if not for our insecurities for our own security. Our own closure.Afraid of scrutiny by "THEM."Afraid of criticism by loved ones and those we hold dear to us.A clockwork of contradiction and hollow principle.The hand of mass belief ticks opposite to that of individual Endeavour as we countdown to eternal prosperity beyond these worldly shackles. We search for individuality in that same well of mass belief we so assertively distinguish ourselves from.We draw blood from the beast but continuously inject ourselves with the same 'water of life.'We claim independence to a monster put together by puzzle pieces named:’ her, him, and them.' We think the half-naked man pushing a trolley full of scrap at the street corner is crazy.I wonder what he thinks of us.And everyone else is a salesman trying to empty your pockets for you to subscribe to their piece of the pie.Just like I'm doing.

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