Stolen Souls

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" is Grown-ups who cant lose sight of the past but children who are yet to ste foot into the future."
The chain-reaction that is our upbringing, and consequently the upbringing of our own children, and theres.

Submitted: October 10, 2006

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Submitted: October 10, 2006



The tapestry of our roots threads bloodlines with severed ties and teary eyes that remain stitched in time where Mother and Father's footsteps lie vanishing too fast even for history itself to recall. Amidst bitter quarrels siblings point fingers while parent and child switch roles, in preparation for moral demise. Some have lost their voice and thier sense of right or wrong, or both.

While trying to fight the system they draw arms against their loyal kinship. For those who grasped for freedom of thought and freedom to believe under chokingly bureacratic tyrants suffocated and were labelled 'traitors.' Instead of being pointed in the right direction, they were cast out and their virtues urinated on. generations to follow trail a dim infinite period of time yet to be, segregated by the ideals of their forebearers. And their seed shall suffer as well.

I remeber the happiest moments of my life. I remember the innocence of young children. I remember that my family transcends far beyond the pulse that courses through my veins. My place of refuge, my home and my stronghold. Which is whyI pray that you take grasp of your pre-pubescent foundation and march through your adolescent pickings. Insecurities and all. probe away at your elders for you can never ask too many questions. Equip and educate yourself. In that way remain forever young.

Take the roles of revolutionary griots whom shall carry through the legacies of ancient immortals. For it is grown-ups who cant lose sight of the past but children who are yet to set foot into the future. 

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