Swept Away

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Submitted: October 09, 2006

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Submitted: October 09, 2006



Untitled I gasp for breath in between gentle whispers and warm embrace, not because I'm suffocating but because I'm addicted to the frenzy that courses my veins all the way through to my brain and bleeds with every drop of sweat that prints my body.For now I walk on treasured and sacred ground. Mingling with the Gods.Every emotion echoes beyond my physical state and seeps through the canals of my brain into my deepest thoughts. Mother Nature never reneged on Her promise. She was right.For I kissed the clouds and left a piece of myself with the Heavens, as so did they.Staring into her eyes I found myself amongst the stars.Where touch seems to have a voice that beckons me to taste every part of you.In search of something; possibly a murmur of mumbled words that guide me to the pinnacle of our congress. A moan called: bliss. My inhibitions went out the window along with my shirt, and vulnerability becomes but a word when your expression relays security and assurance.As I subdue my anxiety and my doubts, and delve into my fantasies.My actions attest to my feelings as we intimidate our souls with intimate intention.For we surmount flirtatious pursuit and lunge into sensual endeavour.Her hands clenching at my hair and shivers pouring down my spine.And all I did was kiss you. 

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