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I can't help but think that he was talking about me. Shaking my head I clear the thing that was just thought.
No one thinks of me like that.

Submitted: August 19, 2012

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Submitted: August 19, 2012



I was at a middle school with my friends.

And told all of my squeling strange friends that i wasn't intrested in any boys in my classes.

I had choir as after school.

When my crazy friend asked me if i liked anybody i told her no.

I didn't know what love felt like heck i was only 14.

When my sisters asked me to go boy hunting with them i turned them down.

My choir teacher gave us an order to stand and sit in.

I told myself i didn't like anybody and no one would like me in that way.

My seat was next to a boy who looked more like a teenager the way his hair was messed up like he never combed it made him look like a bad student.

I assured my friends i didn't like anybody.

We did some stupid dance moves to a song where i had to put an arm around his shoulders and the girl next to me.

I told my best friend that i didn't have a date to the dance.

his arms were cold as if he came in from a winter storm.

I spent the night with my friends.

we performed for our parents.

when my friend got a date i told her i did't mind.

I sat down in my seat and started to hum a song, he took his seat next to me his hair was a mess, his curly black hair was hanging every where like he didn't bother to comb it at all this week. The fleece he was wearing made him look formal, more serious. He leaned on his hand hunched forward like he didn't get a good nights sleep. I ignored the fact that i was observing him so closely.

I looked at my sister like she was crazy when she said that i liked somebody.

After we sang our song infront of the parents we had 10 minutes to sit there. Suprisingly he pulled out some type of music book, i felt myself start humming again and eventualy i felt myself start singing softly "don't forget me i beg i remember you said that sometimes it lasts in love and sometimes it hurts instead." i self conciously look around to see if anyone heard me but the girl next to me seemed to talking to someone else. Eventualy i got tire of singing the same words over and over again and decided to sing you belong with me “ i'm in my room it's a typical tuesday night i listnen to the type of music she doesn't like she'll never know you'r story like i do" i don't know why i started there i just felt like it came to me. Half way through the song i felt a tap on the shoulder, i looked up to see him smiling at me "you have a beatiful voice" he told me and i almost blushed, my voice wasn't beautiful it was a complement that i had never gotten before. "thanks" i replied akwardly trying to keep myself from sounding to uncomfortable. I started humming again trying not to get in over my head at the complement, i looked at what he was reading and out of the blue he started talking "yeah i would want one of these" he started pointing of a picture of a base and a big container, then he told me something about a convertable base "you have no idea what i'm talking about do you?" he asked me, when he realized no matter how hard i tried to hide it i was extremly confused.”well i play the violin, so yeah" I stated uncomfortably,he started explaining how the black finger board of the bass could be taken a part and put in the container.While he was talking I looked in front of meand sawa girl in my choir staring at my with a really weird expression,it was quite un nerving actually. "this kind of looks like a fridge" he said pointing at the container "yeah, it does" i agree, looking at the two parts of the container reminded me of a clear see through fridge. I felt a little surprised that he had so much knowledge, his personality wasn't what I thought it would bebut i guess you can't judge a book by it's cover.

"You play the Bass?" i asked astonished, I didn't think someone like him would be in an orchestra here.He nodded " yeah second best orchestra, you?" he asked me," im in blue orchestra" i tell him sheepishly "well atleast your not in red“ he stated,i nodded "my friend's in red" i said glancing over at where she was sitting as a distraction.He flipped the page and i looked at that girl again, she was on the chubby side and pretty short with super curly black hair. I realized she was staring at us and it almost felt as if she was trying to figure something out. "I would want that case so i could travel the world with my bass" he said flipping the page and looking at thebow adds on the padge he tapped his finger on one of the bows "i would want one of those" he told me and explained why" it's made of endangered wood but it's really powerful" then he showed me another bow i think called micro bow and told me it was made of something i didn't quite catch i think he said micro fiber, "you know what that is right?" he asked me. To tell you the truth i had no idea but i nodded my head anyways "I think so, its the hair of the bow right?" he shook his head "no thats the horse hair" he paused and looked at me" you know tail?" i giggled a little and flashed him a smile, the way he explained it sounded quite funny.Then he said something about how the micro fiber was the makeup of the bow, " and how does that help the bow?" I ask curiously, he shrugged i think he told me that he really didn't know but it was still a powerful bow. After a few more moments of glancing at pictures people started to stand up. I looked around and saw that they were leaving.Quickly, i scanned my brain for a good final goodbye before we had to leave,We stood up and i followed behind him, he turned around as if searching for something to tell me. "well nice meeting you" i tell him lamely, "you too" he said and before things could get too akward I left and caught up with my friend.

I saw him walking with a boy in a group of people talking about something,and i couldn't help but wonder if it was about me. I shook my head as if to clear that thought, no one thinks about me like that.

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