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Short Story

Submitted: February 18, 2012

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Submitted: February 18, 2012




By Yolanda A. Ng’oma


“Arrrghhhhhh!” I streaked, it was happening again. I could hear the rain splattering on the ground outside my house. The night air was humid and the clouds dark and murky. I could feel the fear creeping up on me. I was scared, terrified by the emptiness around me. I heard the thunder and saw the flashes of lightening crackle in the night sky. I tried to compose myself as I sat in my usual big brown leather arm chair. I took in deep and slow breaths, in an attempt to reduce the pulse rate of my fast beating heart. I heard the wind whistle as it blew across my extensive front yard. A cold shiver travelled down my spine and I gripped the arms of my chair till my knuckles turned pail. I was anxious now; I felt my insides churning in response to my anxiety.

‘Maybe my shrink was right, maybe I was losing my mind’ I thought to myself.

Heaven knows I often wondered whether I still had my sanity. I saw things, things that any normal person would call crazy. I saw shadows, shadows in the form of someone I used to know, shadows that looked just like her. I closed my eyes as I remembered the most recent incident. I had been at an office function, entertaining the new associates of the firm when a power surge had caused a black out. I remember being encompassed by the darkness; I had tried to stay just as calm my colleagues; as we waited for the back-up generator to be switched on. I recall feeling the panic creep upon me. I remember sweating and the feeling of being trapped. It had been pitch black, I couldn’t even see the hand stretched out towards me, all I felt was its cold touch. I remember being startled, being on the verge of screaming and then I saw it. I saw her, her face frightening and cold, her eyes filled with menace and vengeance. I recollect screaming on the top of my lungs, alarming everyone in the room. It felt like I had been screaming for a solid two minutes before the back-up generator kicked in and the lights came back on.

“Sidney! Are you okay?” my colleagues had asked, concerned by psychotic episode.

I was blank, I couldn’t explain, they would think I was crazy. My boss; after hearing about the incident insisted I go on leave to; as he put it “Pull myself together”.

And here I was, sitting alone in my big airy house in the middle of a thunder storm, scared out of my wits. The power was out and the only thing that lit the room was the scented candle with a flickering flame situated in the centre of the coffee table in the middle of my living room. 

“It’s all in your head” I whispered to myself, in an attempt to calm myself.

“Siiiiiiidney” I heard a hollow whisper echo in the room. Quickly I turned my head frantically from side to side to see where it had come from.

“Who’s there?” I asked in terror.

“Siiiidney” the voice echoed again, this time more deliberate, more taunting and acerbic.

“Go away!” I screamed as I closed my eyes shut and covered my ears with the palms of my hands. I felt the shadow sweep past me and I cracked open my eyes and there she was.

“Leave me alone!” I wailed, pinching myself so I could wake up from this terrible nightmare.

She approached me, her figure hovering above the ground; she reached out and stroked my cheek, her eyes no longer angry but filled with sorrow. I quivered at her icy touch.

“Why Mi Amor, why did you kill me?” She asked me.

I had to be dreaming, I just had to. She could be here, she just couldn’t.

“I loved you so much.” I heard her say.

“Go away!” I screamed; I could sense that this angered her for her expression changed. She reached out with both of her hands and wrapped them around my neck; I felt them squeeze tighter as it became more difficult for me to breathe.

“It’s not so pretty now is it Sid?” she said, as she tightened her grip.

I could feel myself lose consciousness and then everything went dark. I woke up a few hours later, the storm had calmed down and the power was back on. I felt a little at ease but not completely, for I knew she would be back, back to torture me, to dement me. I would forever be........


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