'The Escape'

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Its short story (900 words) about tragic love...Enjoy

Submitted: August 03, 2011

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Submitted: August 03, 2011




By Yolanda A. Ng’oma


The cold breeze swept across my face and I closed my eyes as I drew in a deep breath and felt the icy air pierce my nostrils. This all felt surreal, like a dream, like I was standing in the distance watching the recent events of my life on a Polaroid screen as they transformed from moving images to still permanent memories captured for all eternity. I felt helpless, powerless, totally devoid of all control. I opened my eyes and stared at the evening lights beaming from the houses that were beyond the balcony of the roof of the building I was standing on. They looked nebulous and hazy behind my teary eyes; time seemed to stand still as I reminisced on what had happened just a few hours ago.

I remembered holding him in my arms beside our wrecked car as I waited for the ambulance to arrive, I remember praying on the inside; saying

‘God, please don’t let him die’ repetitively under my breath as I looked as his blood stained face. His breathing was slow and faint, his eyes closed and his body numb and motionless.

“Stay with me, please.” I choked out, pleading for him to fight for his life as the sound of the sirens drew closer. I couldn’t lose him, not now, not after everything we had built together. Growing up, I had always been alone, always been the outsider. Always been the object of everyone’s ridicule. No friends, a distant family, no happy memories. My life had been one big void.  It had been empty and meaningless until he had shown up. I remember how he had come up to me with his confident stride and charming smile and said

“Please smile for me”

I had found it an odd thing for a stranger to come up to me and say something so peculiar but I found my lips cracking open into a smile.

“That is much better, let your beauty shine” he had said.

I found myself blushing, unable to contain this feeling I had inside. I felt shy and yet I found the courage to still stand there and hold a conversation with him. He had asked me out on a date and the rest was pretty much a fairy tale. For the first time I found myself wanting to live life and try out new things. He had a way of making me smile, a way of making me feel safe, making me feel like nothing else mattered, not the future and not the past. He taught me that everything was in the “now”; and that what counted the most was today and each moment today presented to me to make an enchanted memory.

He had become my life, my reason to wake up every day, my reason to fight the daily pressures I was constantly faced with, and at that moment as looked I at his bloodstained face, I felt fear grip me, a fear so strong it shattered the very boundaries of existence.

“Baby, please don’t go, please....” I said as a tear rolled down from my cheek and dropped onto his forehead. I reached out and held his hand as if that would somehow help him pull through this. The paramedics were now here and I could hardly remember what happened next, all I could recall was the chief paramedic shaking his head and telling me he was sorry for my loss.

And now here I stood on the balcony with nothing but pain and anguish seeping through my veins, penetrating my being and tainting my soul, killing the very spark that ignited my existence.

‘He left me....He left me all alone to fend for myself.’

How do I start again?’

‘How do I get up in the morning knowing I will never see him again?’

‘Never hear him laugh...never hold him close.’

There was no me without him.

I took in another breath and wiped the tears off my face.

“No....he wouldn’t want me to cry” I told myself, so I mastered a smile as I stepped on the edge of the balcony. I took one look at the distant ground below and then looked up at the grey sky. I closed my eyes and thought of his smiling face and suddenly it didn’t hurt as much. I felt free, I felt happy, I felt at peace... I felt the way I always felt when I was him. I wanted to be with him again, wanted to hear him say he loved me, hear him say I was beautiful; hear him say my name... if only for just one more time.

‘We will be together again’ I told myself as I stepped off the ledge.

I felt like I was flying for the brief moments I was suspended in the air, flying towards him as he held out his hand to me. Beckoning for me to join him, to be by his side, where I always belonged.

I smiled as gravity then took its toll and everything went dark.

“I was free.”


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