The Trees' Sonnet

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This is a poem I wrote when I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by the idea of death. Maybe a bit too melancholy for some, but oh well!

Submitted: March 12, 2013

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Submitted: March 12, 2013



A sudden sense of sorrow overtook

My mind when I caught glimpse of that crying

Crow who bowed her head to mourn us—look!

Her wings spread out like the Reaper’s. “Dying! Dying!”

She cawed. The branches bare reached up to her

And begged to be lifted from Winter’s scythe,

But the winged creature fled from carnal Earth

To pursue the higher concerns of the sky.

The Willow wept for the failing flowers,

Whose dancing had turned to lethargic sways.

But the Evergreen said, “Do not cower,

We immortal beings will wake in May!”

And as they slept a dove flew down, nested,

And in the Green she found a place for resting.

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