The delicate pirate

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The sole survivor of a pirate penguin crew must fight for his life as the bear-war goes on.

Submitted: March 04, 2014

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Submitted: March 04, 2014



From the wrecks of a small vessel, the pages of a small journal, left behind by a pirate penguin, were found. In them we could uncover some more information about the bear-war was.

Page I.

"I don't know how many days have passed, but the loneliness was taking the better of me. I'm glad that I've  found some writing material. This crab claw makes a great pen and keeping that octopus as a personal ink factory was a great idea. Can't remember where the paper came from. My name is Lady Mary Lambert. I was the captain of the "Le Sardine" pirate ship. After a severe storm all of my crew members were killed and my ship was lost. But not during the storm, no. We survived the storm, it was only after that everything was lost. A loose sail set us up in collision course with a group of sea turtles. Those dammed turtles had winter shells on, what followed was a disaster. A gigantic hull breach was our doom. I will never forget those penguins. They were my family."


Page II.

"Been a while since i wrote in here. Today was a good day, found some materials to fix the little boat. This place is crazy, there is some kind of war going on here. There's these little lunatic pink bears trying to kill the viking pandas or something like that. I try not to get involved and keep my presence unnoticed. In the other hand, for me to escape, I might need the help of those pandas. I don't think the pink fellows will be any help at all. At the beach I saw a turtle with back pain, I bet it was the one that sank my ship. But I must keep calm because concentration is key for survival. Not that I'm all that bad, besides this war and my dead friends. I eat fresh caviar, bananas and the waves are great for surfing. Tomorrow I can finally start the repairs."

Page III.

"Today was the day I established contact with the pandas. Managed to get to one of their camps and talk to them. They are very nice. I learned the war begun because the pink tribe misunderstood a letter or something. The repairs are going well. I still need some kind of glue and I don't know where to get it. The pandas gave me a map so i could make a safe travel to one of their fortified villages. Reading this i could only understand - "Turn left go go go" - No wonder the bears got things wrong. Anyway, I think i know where to go. Guess tomorrow will be a big day."

Page IV.

"Finally got the glue. I'm so happy, the boat is ready and just needs to settle for a day, then I'm ready to go. This was a crazy experience. Entering the village i could see how the war was taking the toll on this kind people. To make things worse, there was some kind of plague striking the bamboo fields. And everyone knows that a panda loves bamboo.  The panda who gave me the glue was an inventor. When I asked what kind of glue it was he said - "It's a new kind of glue, i call it Super Glue" - I can only hope for it to be really super."

Page V.

"Ah the great feeling of sailing. The boat seems to be alright. Now I must head north and get a new crew and ship. Guess this is the beginning of my new Captain Journal. For now I'll just lay down for a little bit."

The vessel these pages were found was wrecked on the shores of the same Island. One can only guess what was the fate of this penguin.



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