To the South there were tribes.

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South of Peruminga there's another group of islands called Berlengas. There, two tribes fight for survival. The polar pandas and the tropical bears.

Submitted: January 29, 2014

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Submitted: January 29, 2014



South of  Peruminga, there is a group of islands called Berlengas. There are about four hundred islands scattered around the main Berlenga. The common human can only see two of those, being the rest hidden behind a mystical fog. This is land of a thousand legends and I'm going to tell you about one of those. 

Somewhere around sector thirty seven there's a mountainous island. A dense rain forest occupies the space below and the mountains are filled with cold white snow. Here we meet two sentient species that evolved far away from the human reign. Meet the polar pandas and their sworn enemies the tropical bears.

The polar panda is probably the most interesting creature of the two, so let's talk about them first (before you fall asleep). They live up in the mountains. Ruled an Earl who has all the decision power.When the earl dies it takes years to replace him, because everyone is very polite and nobody really wants to rule. That or they are just a group of lazy pandas. Some say they can run for thirty kilometers per hour. Which makes them run for thirty kilometers in just an hour, it's impressive. Their favorite food is bamboo ice cream and snow lasagna. The greatest achievement for this tribe was the creation of a very original alphabet. This consisted in a mixture of small drawings and panda paw fingerprints. The texts were actually very hard to read. Despite having a very advanced language, in order to read anything, one would need to use sign language. If not it would sound very odd.

Now the tropical bears. These pink fluffy pygmy bears lived happy on little huts decorated with sea shells. They would form lifelong relationships with their mates and be all very happy. They were also a group of murderous psychopathic killers that would hunt every thing that moved, even a leaf moving with the wind. A nightmarish heartless pink mist of destruction that would only leave the pandas alone because they saw them like brothers. But all this changed one day.

The pandas decided to organize a feast to honor their little brothers. To invite the bears, a letter was written. The content of that said letter was: "Dear friends, this is an invitation to a feast up here in the mountains."

There was a problem, the bears didn't know sign language so they read it like this: "We dislike you, pink stuffed animals!" - What happened next was a conflict of epic proportions that lasts to this day.


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