samatha's new family

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

sam comes home for to celebrate her mother's birthday, where she meets her mother's boyfriend, she likes him instantly, but he hides a secret, and it isn't long before sam discovers what it is, and it isn't long after that that sam becomes involved in a whole different life.

Table of Contents

Chapter one

going home for mum's birthday
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Getting the mermaids home

Chapter three   They continued to walk; they hadn’t been walking long when Brandon called a Holt and motioned for everyone... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Sam then swam to the Warf, dressing then she headed home, once there she had a shower, and dressed, putting makeup o... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

This is an upsetting day for Sam.
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Chapter 6

Chapter six     Bo found them; the following day, all four of them sleeping peacefully, he swam out quietly; Ruth a... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

Chapter Seven     Meanwhile, back at Jim's, Mark looked at Jim. He couldn’t believe that Jim would have anything ... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

Chapter Eight     About three weeks later, Amy had finally contacted Sam, apart from the first instant of not likin... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

Chapter Nine     The first thing Sara did was go and see Sam make sure that she was all right. “Sam, are you ... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

Chapter Ten     Oh boy, she was sure that he must have heard she also nodded and went with them when they were back... Read Chapter

Chapter 11

Chapter Eleven     Meanwhile, Sam had reached dry land. Once dressed, Sam went to her apartment. She knew that the ... Read Chapter

Chapter 12

Chapter Twelve     It was about ten o’clock that morning when Sara and Jake arrived; Mark and Samantha were lazin... Read Chapter