Subway 87

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
Kaylie interrupts her high school crush Josh's wedding so she could marry him instead.

Submitted: August 01, 2012

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Submitted: August 01, 2012




I heard the preacher say “speak now or for ever hold your peace” and wondered. Do I get up? Do I stop his wedding? Because he’s looking at me and I’m looking at him, with those eyes. I think I should, but I don’t think I should be the kind of girl who would be rudely barging in on a wedding…




We were walking home on a windy day in the flats of Tennessee, Cumberland County. The wind made his long hair flow in the wind, it was really beautiful. It matches his dark brown eyes and dark brown eyebrows. I could smell his expensive cologne at about a foot away from him. It was delicious. Yet, he’s my neighbour and one of my best friends. He’s not my brother so I guess it’s legal to have a crush on him, right?

“So Kaylie, what’d you think?” He said as he turned to me. His eyes locked on mine.

Wait, what was he talking about?

“Sorry, what? I was distracted.”

He laughed and shrugged, “By what…? We’re walking in a field, Kayles.”

I guess he’s right, there’s nothing here, but I can get distracted by him.

“So, you wanna come over now to start the English project?” Right when I said that, I wanted to kill myself. Like, have you SEEN my hair right now? Have you seen my ROOM? Well it’s not like he’d notice either of them.

“Sorry, I can’t, I’ve got things with Zoey, and we’re going to this stupid gay band called One Direction. I don’t really like them, especially the Nick guy, the blond one or whatever”

“Niall” I corrected automatically


“His name’s Niall, not Nick. Whatever. Have fun, I can just do the whole project alone if you want.”

God. Zoey gets everything. She gets money, clothes, houses, One Direction, Josh. She’s just a spoiled brat. She doesn’t deserve Josh. Josh deserves much better than her.

“No, I want to hang out with you Kayles, I really do, trust me. Just let me off the hook tonight only, please?”

I sighed, his puppy dog eyes were too hard for me to handle.

“Fine, but it’s only a one-time thing. You blow me off again, I will hurt you.” And with that, I walked up the stairs into my house.

Once I turned the light on into my room, all you see is a bed, with walls covered in One Direction. Every inch of every wall is One Direction. I go to my bed and pick up my phone, of course, I forgot it here today, 12 messages and 4 missed calls, mostly from Danielle and Celeste, my best friends, and one from Josh and two from Twitter, telling me I have new followers. I quickly reply to my messages and log onto twitter, to see what the world’s been up to today. I looked into my mirror to sadly see my formerly straightened hair back into its natural shoulder-length red curly hair. I just pulled it back and put it into a bun so I can deal with it later. It’s actually getting really hot in my room so I walk over to my window and open the curtain to push open the window, but I see something pretty interesting.

I see Zoey running out of Josh’s house slamming the door, and driving away in her beautiful BMW. Then I see Josh sitting on the curb, alone. I guess I’ll suck in my pussyness and go talk to him.

As soon as he heard my footsteps he looked up and smiled sadly.

“Hey Josh, what’s wrong? Like, what happened?”

He just shrugged and said: “Zoey’s an ungrateful bitch. She doesn’t appreciate anything I do for her. I get her One Direction tickets but she wants Justin Bieber, then she storms out, not knowing I was planning on getting her Bieber tickets too. Life’s complicated.”

I just looked at him for a second.

“Look, I know she’s a bitch but you could do SO much better, I’ve known since the start. And look on the bright side, now we’ve got more ‘Operation Subway’ money!”

He laughed at that, oh his smile.

‘Operation Subway’ is something that we’ve been saving money for since we’re in 7th grade, when Josh first moved to Tennessee. All the extra money we earn goes to what we call the ‘Operation Subway’, which is pretty much basically to buy a Subway restaurant and own it.

“I guess you could look at it that way. Hey, I still have the One Direction tickets, concerts at 7:30, wanna come with me?”

I looked at him with probably the biggest smile you’ve ever seen and nodded.

“ARE YOU SERIOUS? Oh my goodness, thank you! Yes! I’d LOVE to!”

Then I thought of my hair.

“I have time to change right?”

He basically checked me out, it made me feel, watched I guess, but in a good way, because he was actually looking at me. Then he nodded, “One hour, I’m giving you one hour, nothing more” and winked.

I turned and ran into the house, still smiling a probably creepy and gigantic smile as I was walking into my room. I changed my clothes, straightened my hair and put new makeup on but it wasn’t until after I went pee that I noticed I haven’t stopped smiling.




Josh honked the horn at precisely 6:45, just like he has said, he’s always on time. As I walked down the drive way, I felt his eyes on me. I felt uncomfortable but again, in a good way because I know he’s paying attention to me. Finally, Kaylie Higgins’ turn with Josh. But it also made me uncomfortable because I know my crop top goes over my belly button piercing, which makes it kind of odd because I don’t like when people see my stomach. But then again, this is Josh, not just anyone. I smiled to myself and walked into the car. Just as I walked in, I smelled the smell of Josh’s cologne. I took a deep breath through the nose since it just smelled so good.

“You look great” he said, looking at me, then looking back on the road, while putting his foot on the gas.

I LOOK GREAT? No, HE looks great. But girls don’t say that, right?

“Aw, thanks” I think I blushed a little.

“You excited?” he asked, I guess he saw me bouncing up and down in the seat.

“Yeah, I actually can’t thank you enough for bringing me, this won’t be awkward right?

“Awkward?” He glanced over. “How would it be awkward?”

“Well you kind of broke up with Zoey about an hour ago”

“Kaylie, you and I are just friends, there’s nothing here, and it’s not awkward”

Not really the answer I wanted to hear but it’s not awkward then, right?

“Okay, cool”

For the rest of the car ride, I explained to Josh all about One Direction’s past and how they became a group and all they’re songs and the boys in the band and all that and finally we arrived. I was so excited, I couldn’t breathe anymore. So Josh had to pull me aside and make me count to 20, and take deep breaths.

Once we entered the arena, the studio version of Torn was playing and I started singing along to the words, ‘Nothing’s fine I’m torn, you’re a little late, and I’m already torn’ but Josh just stared at me, so I laughed and stopped singing.

“Josh, really, was I THAT bad?”

“NO, you were great, that’s what surprised me, no offense”

“None taken”

As soon as the opening act was over, all the fans were screaming “WE WANT 1D!” The whole stadium ended up screaming, EVEN Josh. As everyone was screaming, the boys dramatically entered from under the stage, on a rising platform. They opened with “What Makes You Beautiful”, of course, and closed with “Everything About You”. Their encore song was “More Than This”, and to close the concert, Zayn said “Hey lads, if you’ve got your girl with you, give her a kiss for us, love you all, goodnight” and they all bowed to us, and left the stage. I found myself crying, not crying because I was sad it was over, but crying because I had the best experience of my life tonight. Then, Josh did the unexpected; he kissed me, right in the middle of my tears. I had no idea what I was doing so I just kissed him back; I ran my hands threw his over grown hair until he pulled away.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that” He said, stammering a little.

If he shouldn’t have done it, then why did he?

“No, it was fine”

“I shouldn’t have done it”

“Why? I thought you were over Zoey, or do you just think of me as a friend” I felt the tears coming back; they were stinging my eyes like acid. Only this time, they weren’t happy tears; they were sad, angry, pissed off.

“That’s not it; Zoey’s not the reason…”

“Then WHAT is? Is it me? Am I just a friend to you? Why did you do it if you didn’t mean to? Were you just leading me on this entire time?”

“No, not at all, I really like you Kayles, but…”

“But what?”

“I don’t know.”

“Just take me home,” I said, hardly able to contain myself. The tears were coming back.


He did as I asked, he released my hands and he started walking towards the exit of the arena. He walked a little bit in front of me so had the chance to wipe my eyes without him knowing that I was crying over him. We got into the car and he tried apologizing. I didn’t exactly let him, but can you blame me? I’m a girl, like come on.

Once we got to my house, I jumped out of the car without saying a word, and ran into my bedroom so I could cry myself to sleep




In the morning, everything sucked. My eyes were red and puffy and my pillow case was mascara-stained. I’ve never cried over a boy before, but this wasn’t just a boy, this was Josh. When I went to go get the mail, I saw a little paper under a rock on my porch; it had my name on it in green, so I opened it slowly and started to read the neat handwriting.

Dear Kaylie,

I know you might not want to forgive me, but you don’t have to. Just hear me out, k? The only reason I didn’t want anything to start last night was because since we just finished high school, I get to leave to serve our country, in Afghanistan. I had a lot of fun with you last night Kayles, you’ve showed me that not all boy bands have to SUCK, some can be okay. But I didn’t want to start anything new because I knew I might never see you again. I would’ve really liked to say goodbye to you, one more time, before leaving, but you’re mom said it would be better if we just went our separate ways. So I’m not writing this note as a goodbye, or an apology, I’m just writing to tell you where I’m going, and why. Don’t try to write back, it won’t work.

I just want you to know that the kiss last night meant something to me too, it wasn’t just you.

I really hope to see you soon Kayles.

xx, Josh


When I was done reading, I didn’t scream, I didn’t cry and I didn’t laugh. I just sat down. I just sat down on the ground for an hour. What if he dies in the war? What if I never get to see him again? All our dreams, our plans, and all the money we’ve saved up for the ‘Operation Subway’. Everything we’ve done together, if he never comes back, it’ll all be worth nothing.

My mom came to find me 40 minutes later, I still haven’t moved.

“Come in hunny, it’s getting chilly.”

I just stared at her. Why didn’t she let him see me?

“Why didn’t you let him see me? You knew he was leaving. He’s probably half was to fucking Afghanistan by now. Mom, I loved him, I still love him. What’s your problem? I thought you would know how losing a loved one felt like when we lost dad but no; you have to make me lose him too? Josh? My best friend? Now that’s just cruel.”

“I didn’t make him leave; he’s been signed up for months now. And I didn’t want you any more hurt than you were! You were crying all night in your sleep!”


“I knew you were leaving to college today and he was leaving to the army, I didn’t think you’d ever see him again, now go get dressed, you have a long drive to go if you want to make it to University on time.”

So I drove and I drove. To Tennessee State University. Where I studied, for six years of my life.




I’m finally finished my sixth year in business at Tennessee State U. I’m finally packing all my stuff and going home. Tomorrow’s the moving day, going back to Cumberland County, it’s end of April, and the after-grad is tonight, shit, I still haven’t gotten a dress.

I haven’t even gone home in almost six years. Since the One Direction concert. Since Josh. I’m too scared to go back; I’m too scared to see his house. I wonder if he’s back yet, back from Afghanistan. I wonder if he survived it.

Celeste, my best friend, the most high-energy, fun and bouncy person you know, interrupted my thoughts. “Hey HUNNNN! You coming?”

I was so confused…

“Going where exactly?”

She let out a long sigh, which made me feel worse about forgetting what we were doing.

“After Grad dress shopping.”

“Right, I think I’m gonna skip it this year.”

And Celeste pulls out her puppy dog eyes.

“NOOO! It’s your ONLY after-grad party so you’re coming! That’s final!”

Danielle was standing behind Celeste, leaning on the closed door, fixing her black curls and looks up at me, giving me a look. I knew what she meant, Celeste is gonna convince me sooner or later, might as well be sooner.

“FINE. I’m coming.”

And we all jumped into my new Jeep




We came back with a short, one strap purple and green dress for me, and a super bright pink ruffle dress for Celeste, and a dark blue wavy dress for Danielle. As soon as we get to the dorm-room, we see a giant bouquet of roses being delivered, so naturally, Celeste runs ahead to see who they’re for.

“KAYLIE! You’ve got a secret admirer! “She exclaimed

“Okay, calm down, I highly doubt it’s a secret admirer. I just broke up with my boyfriend for cheating on me; I don’t exactly want another one right now.”

I see my name written in neat handwriting on the front, where have I seen this before?

I open the envelope to find a letter saying:

Ms. Jane Doe and Mr. Joshua Beazley, together with our families, invite you to join us in the celebration of our marriage.

Jane Doe


Mr. Joshua Beazley

Saturday, July the sixteenth, two thousand twelve, at eleven o’clock in the morning.

Joshua Beazley’s home, 10215 Hwy 194, Oakland, Tennessee.

Reception will be held at two o’clock at the Cumberland County Country Club.


After I had read the first sentence, I passed out.




He’s getting married? How could he get married after not seeing me, let alone bother to CALL me? And he has the NERVE to invite me? Thank God I get home today because I will knock a BITCH out of that guy. Literally, because I’ve been thinking for the past couple of YEARS now, that he got killed in the Afghanistan war, but no, now he comes out with a new fiancé?

I finally arrived home and the first thing I see when I get back is Josh. We both opened my front door at the same time, he was leaving and I was coming home. Wait, why is he in my house?


“Yeah, I’m home”

“I missed you!” He gave me a huge hug. I wasn’t going to hug back but I saw my mom give me a mean look so I thought I might as well give him a hug. I could still smell his beautiful cologne, but he doesn’t wear as much as he used to.

“Apparently not that much.” I said in the flattest tone.

“Huh?” My mom gave me another look.

“Never mind, I’ve got to unpack so, do you mind?”

“Oh, yeah I see, do you need help?” My mom nodded but I shook my head

“Nah, I’m a big girl, I can do it on my own”

And I walked up to my room. As I opened the door, it looked like nothing was touched since I was 19. My room was filled with One Direction, old school binders and pictures of me and Josh. I missed those times. He looked a lot happier then, than he did now. Maybe he knows, now that he’s seen me, that he’s making a big mistake.

I looked once more at the picture of me and Josh holding the first fish we caught at his cottage together and held it close to my heart, I thought about the memory, how that never changes but the people in them always do and I just started crying.




July 16th 2012. Looks like today is the big day, so many cars are rolling in, everyone’s here, waiting in Josh’s backyard, just waiting for the bride to come walking down the aisle, waiting for the priest to say “speak now or for ever hold your peace”. In front of me, I see the preacher and Josh, with his best man and the best man’s little kid. Finally, the flower girl and the bridesmaids walk down the aisle to join them, followed by the grand entrance of the bride. I could tell Josh was looking at me out of the corner of his eye, and not the bride. Kind of like he wanted me to save him, but I can’t.

The priest starter talking...

“Ladies and gentlemen, friends, family, we are gathered here today, for the celebration or marriage of...”

Josh was nervous, I could tell. He didn’t want to do it but he couldn’t stop the wedding himself. He wanted me to speak up.

 I heard the preacher say “speak now or for ever hold your peace” and wondered. Do I get up? Do I stop his wedding? Because he’s looking at me and I’m looking at him, with those eyes. I think I should, but I don’t think I should be the kind of girl who would be rudely barging in on a wedding…

Just as the priest turned back to start the vows, I swallowed my pride and stood up, I’m not sure why, but I did it.

“I OBJECT.” Everyone shot me horrified looks but I was just looking at Josh, who was smiling now, the smile I fell in love with the first day I met him. The preacher took us to a separate room, to see why I was objecting and after asking Jane if she still wanted to marry Josh, she said “I do”. But when the important question of asking Josh if he wanted to marry Jane, he looked at me, then down to his feet and said “I don’t.” He took my hand and walked me down the aisle and out of his back yard and we went for a walk, leaving the whole wedding behind us.




“Congratulations, you’re officially the new owners of the Subway Restaurant #87, good luck.”

Hearing those words coming out of the former owner just made me the happiest person in the world. Thanks to the money we saved over the years and my six years in business in University, we finally had enough money to live the dream, complete ‘Operation Subway’.

My name is officially Kaylie Beazley, co-owner of Subway Restaurant #87, and I believe fairy-tales do come true. 

© Copyright 2020 niallatelouis. All rights reserved.

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