On The Road

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A young girl is on the road with her boyfriend after leaving their previous home, she comes across a blast from the past.

Submitted: July 15, 2013

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Submitted: July 15, 2013



Colin and I have been on the road for a few hours, we left the farm at the break of dawn, we felt it would be better to leave than to cause attraction from Them, Digby is in my legs sticking his head out the window of Colins ’75 red mustang, Oh! How he prides himself of this car, no matter how many times he gets dirt, mud or blood on it he still finds time to clean and polish it. He’s so cute when he’s focused on the road, my English-man I called him, since he’s originally from Britain.

We haven’t talked much being on the road, really we’re just tired, we haven’t slept much since last night, when They started invading our farm, we knew it was time to leave. Although I was looking forward to making our temporary home permanent; I mean we did live there for half a year.  Passing by the rural towns and other desolated farms, I start to miss Lucy, one of the few horses we found on the farm.

The farm was our safe haven, when we found it, we figured it must’ve been abandoned for no less than a month. It was small, no less than 100-acres with a decent amount of animals: pigs, lambs, cows, chickens and horses. When we arrived the animals were starving, they had been locked the barns with only a limited amount of food to keep them alive for so long, the poor piggies were so skinny and the cows which were left outside for such a time some of them were ill, Colin had to kill a few sadly. This is also how we found our sheep dog Digby, if we hadn’t found him he would have died eventually. Now he never leaves our side.

6 great months on the farm it was, it was so peaceful, Colin and I made crazy amount of love all over that place. Colin and I decided, even though we had made nearly 6 months prior, we felt it was best to settle on some place just for awhile. We learned so much living on the farm, I had some mild knowledge on taking care of animals prior from high school, I was surprised when Colin started picking up seeing as he was real squeamish around animal poop.

Digby is in my lap, he’s fidgeting a bit, “Colin, we need a rest stop. Digby’s gotta go babe.”

He pulls over, I open the door and Digby runs out immediately, Colin’s stopped at a field so there are no trees for Digby, but we can keep an eye on him at least. I stretch out my legs for a bit to get the ache out, “Digby weighs a ton!”

“Ha-ha, you think you want to switch for a bit? I need a nap love.” He leans up against the car next to me. He’s so gorgeous, I can never get enough of his cheek bones or his shaggy black hair. His thick accent is what always makes my stomach quiver. He crouches next to my legs and lays his head on my thighs, a signal to which tells me “rub my head Winter,” I rub my fingers through his thick black hair, we both watch Digby frolic in the sea of grass.

When I first met Colin it was under the cliché hero story, I was at a 7-eleven in north Houston picking up snacks and water to munch on before I hit an abandoned home to crash in. He saved me from Them, a damsel in distress I was, and angry one at that. If Colin hadn’t saved me I would’ve been dead. He picked me up in his ever trusty red steed, my face was caked in blood (except for my mouth because it was masked), my legs and arms had scratches and started forming bruises. Colin? No scratch, no bruise. Total poise as he killed Them to save me.

I was so stubborn when he found me, mostly because of my pride, I hated being seen in such a vulnerable state. He took me to his home, cleaned me up and gave me new clothes. I felt guilty after he showed me such chivalry, and I was being such a bitch. We didn’t talk much until he broke the ice when he offered me food; I struck up conversation with him finally, when I commented on how it was my favorite dish. We then stayed up until wee hours of the morning talking about food apparently It was a passion of his; We talked endless about movies and books, we debated over which ones were the best and which ones could’ve been better and which ones just should not have been done.

I slept on the couch for about 10 hours in his arms, when I awoke I was shocked with myself, “How did you let yourself unguarded like that?” I asked myself. I had to leave ASAP, I grabbed my bag and quietly packed myself some water, leftovers and bread. Before I left, I planted a soft kiss on his cheek “thanks for a great night.”

I took the keys from his table, and closed the door quietly. I walked across his lawn to the gate that enclosed the property, when I heard his low baritone voice from behind me, “no goodbye?”

I turned around, “I didn’t want to impose.”

He started walking towards me, “I didn’t think you were going to leave so soon.”

“I couldn’t thank you enough for the chivalry you’ve shown me, you’ve been a real gentleman, I just don’t want to impose.”

“Look, you’re not imposing, if anything your company is wanted. I’ve been alone here for awhile, and its still pretty dangerous out there. I’d be more than happy if you could stay.”

I couldn’t help myself, I barely knew him, “I don’t even know your name.”

“Colin.” He extended his arm out.

I repeated the action, “Winter, Winter Lee Bingham.”

He smiled in a bashful manner, “Miss Bingham I’d be honored if you could stay with me here at my home.”

I giggled a bit in response, “Okay, now you’re just being cheesy.”

“Hmm… Cheesy, feeling like breakfast?”

“Why not?” We walked back into his house.

“DIGBY! Come!” Colin’s voice pulled me back to reality, I didn’t realized I spaced out again.

Digby came bustling at once, Colin and him started play fighting, Colin and him adore each other to pieces. “Hey Love, do you want to sit back for another couple of hours? I’m suddenly awake.”

“Go ahead babe.” I was sleepy anyways.

We all got back in the car with Digby in the backseat this time so he could nap as well. Colin revved up the engine and took off. I knocked out for a couple of hours holding Colins hand.



“Babe…Wake up?”

My eyes weren’t even open, and I could feel the car idle and Digby next to me panting.

“Winter wake up.” My eyes opened out to an empty evening road, and almost empty road. There was a couple standing on the road, they were several feet in front of us, and they were walking solemnly, looked like they had been walking for days with just their bags for shelter. “We’ve got to help them Love.”

I knew he was right, we couldn’t just leave them on the road in the state of this civilization and era, we honked the horn, they stopped in their tracks but didn’t turn around. They either must have been scared or surprised.

We pulled up to them, they still hadn’t turned around, it really must’ve been out of fear. The girl look was walking with a limp, she also looked a little swollen. Was she pregnant? The guy looked haggard as well. I stuck myself out of the car. “Um.. do y’all need help? We won’t hurt y’all.”

The girl turned around quickly. “Yes, if you don’t mind, we’ve been on the road for days-… Rory come we have help.” Rory? The guy turned around, and my worse fear came to light, my ex.


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