I put down in words, how wonderful life is now you're in the world

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The life of a demon is suffering. Though through something that should not have happened the life of a Cerberus takes a turn.
Entry for Rhensis contest.

Submitted: June 10, 2011

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Submitted: June 10, 2011



At the gates of hell a roar shook the ground, flames purged from the depthless pits. Blood slithered down from the pit lord’s skin, his sword broken on the ground, around him, the powerful pit lord, where hundreds of mere hellhounds and Cerberus, rebelling against their master. The succubus hid in their chambers high in the towers of hell’s castle and the imps cowered frightfully at the sight inside dark caverns. A hellhound shifted from side to side, its rot filled fangs bared and its maddened eyes widened, froth dripped from its jaws as it set off, the slim, almost snake-like body close to the ground in a swift run, in range it got up, aiming for the throat of the pit lord, who effortlessly slashed it with a clawed hand, the hellhound’s neck torn and broken. Lifelessly it collapsed to the rocky ground. A silent shudder ran through the crazed attackers. Another charged, lounging into the hazy air and bared fangs and claws. The pit lord, once more, fended off an attacker easily. A Cerberus snarled low in its throat, its three heads growling at the others. The attackers no longer attacked one by one. All at once they attacked the pit lord who was only able to fend off some. They sank their fangs and claws into the skin, ripped off flesh and let the black blood of their lord slide from the wounds into a beginning dark pool. The pit lord killed the hounds one by one, slashing them with his big hands and kicking them so their ribs broke and deflated their lunges, letting them drown in their own blood, coughing till they lay motionlessly at the reddish stones of hell.

The Cerberus, who had growled before, felt its courage trembling but no different from the others it charged at the haemorrhaging pit lord and its teeth penetrated the pit lord’s hip, leg and chest all at the same time, causing a shout of pain from the sufferer. The very next moment the Cerberus was hauled from its bite, claws digging into its body, causing a yelp, but the Cerberus would not let go, its jaws tightened even harder, the claws ripped in the skin, dragging through it, creating deep rifts in the Cerberus’ reddish fur that began to drip with the pitch black blood. Dizziness of pain spread through the body of the Cerberus, knowing that its life would only last moments longer. Finally ripped from the prey with the flesh still in its mouth the Cerberus was thrown over the ground, rolling and scraping against the land. It coughed, blood dripping from the jowl, not knowing if it belonged to itself or the pit lord it Staggered to its feet once more, it looked at its companions, attacking mercilessly yet slain and then lay motionless, never ever to awake again. The land was no longer reddish, but black, stained by the bodies and gauzes of the fallen. The Cerberus felt its feet move beneath it, a numbness spread through its body as a bestial wrath engulfed its mind, taking over. The blood rush made it scamper towards the pit lord, the wounds opening further and by each step drops of black liquid filled the air, dripping to the ground as dark rain. It jumped. Its heat beat. Its breath ragged, mind so vivid. Jaws opened. Fangs exposed. Paws reaching for the prey, claws stretching. Red eyes widened. Exhaling. Then, blood filled its view, the metallic taste of blood in its mouths, black blood sprinkling from the neck of the pit lord. The paws dug into each shoulder. Yet the Cerberus had only reached the pit lord to the thigh in size. Dropping motionlessly to the ground the pit lord’s eyes turned to a colour of ash and in a roar of flames the body vanished.

Left was the Cerberus, the blood rush effect slowly brought to a standstill. Around it was corpses, dead Hellhounds and Cerberus that had fought bravely and died. The Cerberus’ heads turned, searching for other survivors, yet the only ones alive were on the ground, gasping for breath with their pierced lunges, only to suddenly lie dead. The Cerberus felt heavy, its eyes even heavier. Its vision blurred and its heartbeat thundered through its head. It wobbled on its feet, it could not stay here, just once, just once it had to see the human world once more. It felt affection for the land where the sky could turn red as the colour of human blood; it was a place like paradise for any demon. It began to run, its legs trembling, just barely carrying its weight over the land. A heavy blood trail behind it but it did not matter, it had to run. Reaching the gates of hell, souls in chains were pulled through it towards others of hundreds of pits. The Cerberus stepped out of hell, the heat of the lava cauldrons lessening by each step towards the surface of the human world. It ran and ran through countless of tunnels from hell, but when it finally saw the sky; the sunset was painting the atmosphere a sickening orange. The Cerberus could no longer stand and fell on the ground, the grass was lush and green here, like a silken bed for the Cerberus who was now overcome with the pain it had so long ignored. Laying there, six eyes looking to the sky forced open. Its vision was getting so fuzzy it could barely make out the tree tops from the sky. A shadow appeared over it, lingering there. The Cerberus could nothing smell, had blood stuck in its noses? A raspy cough escaped it, it was nothing but prey like this, yet it felt like if it could die here, at least it would be better than in the pits or kennels of hell. Its view got black, ‘it is over now’ it thought to itself, exhaling softly as its mind turned black.

The sound of bird chirping, the scent of fresh wet grass, the soft morning light on its eyes. The Cerberus opened its eyes slowly, the three heads looking around. A cave, a ray of light shone on the Cerberus, usually to be absorbed but the warm light shone brightly on white fabric. The Cerberus sniffed to the fabric, a soft scent of human clung to it, of course a human, but why? The Cerberus scrutinized the cave, the rock was hard and under great pressure, it was with great possibility the bottom of a mountain. The gray stones had such a cold colour compared to those in Hell, a comfortable cold. The ground was so cold, not burning, not about to melt under ones paws, such a nice place. The cave had an old smell of bear, it had probably found another place to stay but when the Cerberus heard the sound of pattering from the outside it stood up, bared its long ferocious fangs. Yet what appeared at the entrance of the cave was so small, just about his own height, smaller if he stood up straight. The human boy took a step back, a small scared face looking at him. Then the boy suddenly got down on his knees, putting out those little slender hands out in front of him.

“Easy boy, easy” the boy cooed to him, looking at him with those big blue eyes of his that resembled the heaven above. The hair which looked as soft as bunny fur was brown as the trees of their forest and the sun which hit it created golden highlights. Inspecting the human boy the Cerberus stepped closer, his fangs no longer exposed, but calmly and curiously approaching this foolish human pup, who had courage to approach a three headed beast with tendencies to eat the humans if able. Each time its paw touched the ground its body shook in pain from the wounds, yet this human was so intriguing that it wanted to get closer. The boy was afraid, the soft scent of fear came from him, yet it was not the fear that the Cerberus had expected. Not a fear that would make any human run instinctively. It was there, but it was covered by other feelings much larger, the fear the Cerberus could smell was something like anticipation, was this boy expecting something from him? A little closer. Step by step. The scent of the boy was warm. He had the same scent as the grass outside, of dirt and of fresh air. The boy slowly stretched out a hand to the Cerberus who stopped in its tracks, gazing at the hand.

It was like time itself stopped that moment, the world around them got quiet. Radiating off the boy was innocence and love, as had the boy been an angel but what kind of angel would care for a monster like him? The Cerberus hesitatingly got closer, pausing before once more getting closer. The hand was now an inch from the Cerberus' middle head and the glowing eyes looking at the fragile human pup. Leaning forward its forehead touched the boy's hand. Its eyes looked at the boy who was looking back at him, smiling with that little head tilted submissively to the side. This little human pup was so helpless yet it approached him. That moment the Cerberus felt the warmth seep through him, the heat streamed through the hand of the boy throughout its body to even the tips of its claws. They stayed there, a magic moment for both of them. The Cerberus did not know how long they stayed like that, the moment was timeless. Then a soft feeling on its forehead, a tingle, making the fur moving back and forth. For the longest moment the Cerberus did not know what this feeling was, it's eyes closed halfway as this feeling that sent calmness through it. The boy was smiling brightly and the Cerberus lay down, its head resting on the boy's lap. Why had it done such a thing? It was not sure, but as it lay there, the boy's hand on its middle forehead its eyes closed as it realized what this feeling was. This feeling was kindness. The boy was nuzzling its forehead with those small fingers. The Cerberus slowly felt itself drift into a trance. It had never known this feeling but it promised itself that it would stay with this human pup. It would make sure the boy was never in harm. It would save the boy since the boy too had saved it. This was its decision and it would follow it. Slowly it drifted back into the dark void of sleep but this time the void felt like a velvet blackness.

As the Cerberus woke up the heat of the boy's hand was gone and replaced with the scent of meat and blood. The Cerberus let its eyes flutter open and scrutinized the cave, finding a big piece of obviously human prepared meat. The Cerberus sniffed to the meat, it was rather fresh, salted to conserve it. The Cerberus looked to the opening of the cave, seeing the little boy at the entrance and cocked its three heads to the side. The boy looked tense, the legs shaking beneath the human pup. The Cerberus slowly walked around the meat, leaving the meat alone for now even though it could feel the sharp acid feeling of hunger. It was a big hollow room in its stomach and the acid begging for meat to split into energy. The Cerberus, sneaking soundlessly, went to the boy. Reaching the boy the little creature turned around and looked at the Cerberus shocked for a moment. The Cerberus had a feeling that the boy was hiding but from what? The little boy moved one of those little fingers to those little pink lips and looked at the Cerberus so pleadingly. The look in those eyes was sweeter than the look of a pup. The Cerberus crouched down next to the boy and listened for what could be out there. The wounds on the Cerberus were already healing, they were no longer bleeding. Slowly it let it senses reach out into the woods, what was making his human boy this nervous. It shut its eyes, sounds filling its head. It heard birds chirping, grass growing, wind howling, insects crawling, small animals fleeing. Fleeing. It followed the sound, a predator? A branch broken. Stomps against the ground. Voices. Calling in a human language. A name. Yelling angrily. Voices of full grown men moving through the forest in a fierce manner. The Cerberus opened its eyes. They were not far away from here. They were pathfinders. They were obviously tracking the boy but the boy was not trembling in fear. The boy stood by the rocks, looking out as a pup scared of getting punished by its mother. The Cerberus knew that finding the boy with a demon was no good idea and thus the demon took several steps backwards and looked at the salted meat. The boy had kindly tried to find food it and for that it was more than grateful. The boy was too kind to a demon as it. The Cerberus covered itself in shadows, getting tighter around it each moment. The boy had turned around to watch this, the blue eyes filled with fright and loneliness. The boy reached out for the Cerberus, stumbling forward before the boy tripped over his own feet, trying so desperately to hurry to the Cerberus; the little hand shaking. The Cerberus looked with glowing red eyes at the pitiful sight but moments later the Cerberus was completely covered in the darkness and black sparks flew out from the shadow. In a low growl of pain the Cerberus felt its body changing. The heads on its sides melting in with the middle head, the glow of the eyes dying out to an ash green. The clawed paws getting smaller each second and the body shrunk to the size of a pup.

Slowly the shadow around the Cerberus began to become transparent, revealing the Cerberus once more but at a size that barely reached to the boy's thighs. The boy was looking at the Cerberus, the panic and fright still in the eyes of the human but suddenly a pearly tear escaped from the eyes of the boy, sliding down the soft skin. The Cerberus's eyes widened and on the new little paws it stumbled across the cold cave floor to the boy's lap. Crawling up, barely able to reach the boys cheeks, it licked off the tears which were already streaming out from the boy’s eyes. The boy was sobbing heavily but licked by the Cerberus the sobs were reduced to hiccups.

The Cerberus looked into the teary eyes of the boy who was looking back at him. "I thought you were going to leave me... is it really thou?" The boy asked in that high pitched pup voice. The Cerberus looked at the boy. If it had been human or had anything as a human face it would have smiled but instead it curled together on the boy's lap. "Yes, it is I. Some grown up humans are closing in. I cannot have them see thou with a demon" he spoke to the human boy. The boy's eyes widened and they looked at each other. The look they shared that moment was the look that was between children. 'This is our little secret' that little sneaky look. The boy smiled happily, a tear slid down to his chin and dripped down, falling down on the Cerberus' head, making it shake its head. The tear was of happiness. The Cerberus was happy for the boy; a first for it; A feeling that had never been meant for demons as the Cerberus.

The sound of footsteps closing in hastily near them was enough to break this soft moment but the boy seemed not to notice. The Cerberus looked at the entrance over the boy's shoulder. Watching as the dark human shaped silhouettes appeared at the entrance, crouched down to look at the foot prints, their stances threatening as a predator or a mother bear closing in. Their stance shifted, they had seen the boy. "SON!" the yell echoed in the cave as a dark silhouette approached them. The human put a big hand on the boy's shoulder. The boy looked up at the man, the father. Tears from the former happiness were drying on his cheek. The human man wrapped big strong arms around the boy, the Cerberus avoiding the hold. "Father," the voice of the boy was weak. He father looked at the Cerberus, their eyes meeting. A hostile glance was sent by both. The man's eyes fierce as a raging bear, but dipped in the colour of the sky… So blue... As a thundering storm they showed the emotions of the father. The Cerberus gave of a slight growl, it this shape seemingly harmless as the fur seemed to raise and the Cerberus exposed its fags. The father was a threat in every way. The legs from chasing prey through the forest and the muscular arms to break the neck of even an adult deer. The weapon sheathed in his belt for skinning the prey, ripping the skin off their lifeless body and using it for garments. The Cerberus felt threatened under the hateful look from the father.

The boy took the father's hand, looking up at the bigger human creature. "Father, do not! Please! I like it!" The father's eyes adverted to the boy while the little human creature moved out of his hold, wrapping those little limps around the puppy. The father's voice was in a rage as he spoke. "How dare thou! Not only did thou steal and run to the woods where you are not allowed, now thou order me, thy father!" His voice rose. The boy covered and the hold tightened around the even smaller creature in his arms. His eyes forced shut until the father had finished speaking and then looked up at him with teary eyes. "But, papa... It could make a good guard dog..." his voice trembling and his skin felt slightly colder against the fur of the Cerberus. The Cerberus had stopped the before defending behaviour, and instead tried to keep silent. The eyes of the father softened, but looking sceptically at the Cerberus, which was looking back at him. The father went to the boy putting a big callused hand on his head. The voice softer as he once more spoke, "Thou are indeed a troubling son, come thy mother is worried sick. The dog may stay if thou care for it so much." he said and then held out a hand to the boy. The boy looked to the Cerberus, and then a gentle smile spread on his lips, a smile with springtime freshness. It was as if the boy suddenly spread a freshness and happiness around him. The boy took the hand of his father, holding the puppy like figure of the Cerberus in his other arm behind the two front legs. The Cerberus watched how human males gathered around them, worry in their eyes. The Cerberus saw one of them look at the cave and then at the ground. If the Cerberus could have smiled it would have given a grin to its ears. That was right, a demon sized three headed dog had entered but a puppy with one head had come out. Even if it was just an illusion it was an illusion that would let the Cerberus stay with the boy. The Cerberus looked at the sky. It was so blue it almost hurt the eyes. A fluffy white cloud moving over the vast sky, as the tops of a wave on the ocean it began to flow away. A gentle breeze moved through the woods, leafs rustling slightly. The world above was beautiful, but… as the Cerberus looked at the boy it realized, the most beautiful thing that it had found was this human pup.

The gentle cold breeze of the fall swept through the little village. The Cerberus gave a light shudder. The warmth of the summer was coming to an end and the deep green leafs were replaced with golden warm colours. Children from the village ran about and gathered these, making them to rings of leafs as decorations in the little wooden houses of the village. It had been almost half a year now since the Cerberus had been brought to the village of the boy. With a size of about ten houses it was almost too small to be called a village but a village it was none the less. The Cerberus had kept the size it had transformed to half a year ago, gaining a few dissatisfied looks from the adult humans. The Cerberus was at this moment standing in the centre of the village. A rather large circle formed place with a bonfire. This was used by all of the villagers, children, adult and elder alike, for festivities and for everyday use. When the village prepared wagons to sell their goods at a larger village they would pack them here. The bonfire was surrounded by a circle of rather large stones. The biggest stone seemed to be taken by the leader of the village, a rather old man. The Cerberus moved away from the centre at the village and began to take the daily route. It was rather interesting to see how these humans led their lives. Unlike the demons these humans were like a close knitted family, there were no slaves to work for them. Even the elders seemed to help, either with training the youngsters from a nearby place and either giving them a nod if they did good or a bonk with their staves if they did wrong. It could be rather amusing, because unlike from hell where the pain would cause the hurt to cover or revolt this provoked laughter where the youngster would typically end up scratching his neck and apologizing. Then they would both smile. These humans were rather amusing really. It did happen though that they got into a fight but they didn't seriously hurt each other.

The Cerberus looked at what the humans called the smithy. It was a rather dirty place, to the Cerberus the place that reminded it the most about hell. It was there they created tools and weapons. The Cerberus kept walking past rapidly. The stink of sweat and the coal that spread from there annoyed it greatly. Walking further it came to another hated place. Mostly because the father kept saying that if it didn't grow he would bring it here. It was a rather lousy looking place compared to the smithy and the stench was horrible. Skins and furs hang everywhere as they were prepared to different things. The woman doing this was rather well built, and rather wide. Even though she was harsh to the children she was hard working and the stench of the thing they used for the skins had seeped into her skin. Stopping here the Cerberus sat down for a while. The woman was cleaning the skin of a dead animal. Her eyes cast a glance at the Cerberus but ignored it as soon as it did not get too close. This was a house only used for the skins; living in there would be horrible. The Cerberus looked inside, skins hanging in rows and furs on another row. The Cerberus then stood up and started walking again. Of course it had been completely healed since then but it had not transformed back too, to the Cerberus though it did not matter. Even though these little paws were no good for weapons against an enemy and the jaws unable to crack even a single bone it did not matter. It was enjoying this life with the boy. The Cerberus was walking to the west side of the village, to the field. This was the place where the weaker of the men would be, well those unfit for hunting. Using the plants these humans had found a way to settle down and not travel after the prey. They had found a place where many animals travelled by in this season too. They were rather cleaver. The Cerberus looked over the field. On the other side of the field was a large stone wall and on the other side of that was the forest. It the forest surrounded the village and to protect themselves they had made a stone wall that reached the men to their necks to stop enemies, animals probably from entering. The bears and wild boas of the forest often caused quite a commotion, and every time it was mentioned it seemed like a shudder ran through the village. The Cerberus walked to the house where the humans cooked. The meals were mostly shared. Even though one could eat at one’s own house they usually gathered around this cooking house with their bowls and ate while they chattered eagerly. Right now they were cooking breakfast for the village; especially the men that they meant would be very tired already. The Cerberus slipped in through the door. It didn't steal anything, all they made was cooked. The Cerberus did not find any interest in this. Letting its tail wag cutely it caught the attention of the women who came to pet it and then shooed it out again. The Cerberus looked about. There were also the men that worked with wood but the Cerberus had several times been shooed out rudely, yelled at and at one point the man had even thrown a hammer at it. The Cerberus was not in the mood to bother that man today and instead went to the last place it found interest in; the storage. Since the woman with the skins had a fresh skin that meant that the ones in the storage preparing the ingredients for the food would have new meat. The Cerberus ran in a steady pace as in went through the village. Avoiding a child with her arms filled with the colourful leafs. The Cerberus licked its nose, a habit it had gotten from the other dogs. Stopping as it rounded the last corner it saw three of the men working on a deer corpse. The knife was ripping the body open. As they saw the Cerberus they laughed to each other.

"See, Yel has returns as soon as even a bunny is caught. Reliable isn't he" they laughed. The Cerberus just sat down and waited. Taking this route each morning has several benefits, this being one of them. Since the humans worked in the morning a bit before eating they would take care of the corpses when it was still chilly outside. The men had put the deer on a nearby table and with a rather large knife cut off the feet and the head. The rest was used by the humans so this was all the Cerberus got. This was a fine morning snack though and as the men put it on a metal bowl the smith had created for him the Cerberus grabbed the edge of this big bowl with the teeth and began to drag it over the ground and back to the house where the boy lived. Once it reached the house it took the head and placed on the ground laying down and put one paw on each side of the head and began to chew off the ears. It enjoyed this. This was really a carefree life, but the Cerberus had heard rumours from the ladies that went to the nearby river to gather water that villages had been attacked. The Cerberus tried to ignore their talk; these women humans had it with talking about things that were not true.

"Yel! See I made a crown!" The voice of the boy reached the Cerberus. The Cerberus' ears perked up and looked at the boy. Yel was the name the boy had given him. It was not the name that the Cerberus could hate. After all it was a name that the boy had called him. The boy was running toward the Cerberus with a bunch of leafs in his hands connected with a thin branch that he had broken off a bush. The Cerberus tilted its head and stopped gnawing on the head, looking interested up at the boy. The boy stopped next to it, panting slightly as he put the crown on its head. The Cerberus saw the boy holding back a laugh, but what was more frustrating was the fact that the leafs of the crown were covering its eyes, so it could just barely see out.

"Sorry, it looks as if it is too big." the boy then giggled and lifted the crown a bit.

"The head again?" the boy asked with a gentle smile. The Cerberus glanced around and nodded back at the boy. The voice of the father reached through the village, "Son! Come here!" It was not the hard voice that he had used at the cave but a rather enjoyed voice. The Cerberus had found out that it was not very often that the father showed anger and that the father was more worried about his son than anyone else, besides the Cerberus. The boy stood up, smiling to the Cerberus as he ran off. This was the only time of the day they sometimes ended up being apart. The boy would normally follow him around or lift the Cerberus, carrying him around instead. It just happened to be so at times that the boy had to leave while there Cerberus was eating. The Cerberus returned to eating the head of the deer. The voice of the gossiping women reached the Cerberus. A nearby village had been attacked. Another cold breeze moved through the village. The Cerberus hoped that their rumours were only rumours and nothing more.

Hours passed and the day turned to night. The velvet black sky enlightened by stars and across the sky could the Milky Way be seen. It was a belt of light that spread across the sky and the villagers were starting the bonfire. The Cerberus in the boy’s arms, the boy carrying it under the front legs as usual, letting its back part hang down and its head against the boy's chest, feeling as if it was going to fall down if it had not been for the pressure the boy was applying which kept it up. The boy was laughing and talking with the other kids as the Cerberus' eyes looked over the villagers, their smiles, and their joy. The bonfire was going to be big tonight. Two of the villagers were going to get married after looking to each other ever so delightfully. The Cerberus hoped that they would give some good meat to it too. It tended to happen when these big festivities happened. The boy suddenly got quiet and the Cerberus looked up at him. The boy was smiling down at him with a look of playfulness in them. The Cerberus felt itself put down and in the next moment the Cerberus saw the boy throw a ball. The ball was headed towards the entrance of the village that was by the east side and open right in to the centre. The Cerberus ran quickly as fast as the small legs would carry it across the ground. Its mouth opened and the tongue lolled out as it kept its eyes towards the ball. The ball would soon reach the ground, just a little further and it would get it. The Cerberus spurted with all its might and jumped, its head reaching up and its tongue in as it reached for the ball. Inch by inch it neared until its jaws shut around the ball, clenching down on the leathery taste and felt its paws connecting with the ground. It then turned around, the voices of the children cheering for it, "Good Yel! Come with it boy!" The Cerberus ran back to the kids, slower this time, knowing that as soon as it gave them back the ball it would have to run once more. It stopped as it reached them, sitting down and raised its head so the boy could take the ball. The Cerberus had attempted not to get too much drool on the ball but it was still all moist as the boy took them.

"Ewww" the boy emitted with a slight laughter, making the Cerberus tilt its head to the side to seem innocent. The boy raised his hand in the air, preparing a stance. He was going to throw it long this time. The Cerberus looked intensely at the boy and prepared its muscles to sprint with everything it had. The boy's arm was now behind him and ready to throw. Soon, very soon it would fly. As if it had been slow motion the Cerberus saw the movements. The boy's hand moved forward, his whole body swinging in the movement and the ball pressed against the hand of the boy, gaining energy. Bit by bit till the ball was over the boy's head and the boy let the ball loose. The ball slipped from the boy's fingers, the brownish leather against the sky. The Cerberus sprinted, its eyes following the ball. It looked as if it rolled over the sky as a ball over a blanket. The side of the ball illuminated by the orange bonfire, a calm friendly fire. The little paws against the ground, a little dust moving by each step, creating small paw prints. The ball was so long that it had almost reached the gate. The Cerberus panted, the boy had thrown too far. The ball hit the ground, rolling over the ground as the Cerberus now rapidly approached it, but by the time that the Cerberus reached it the ball was still, stopped right by the gate as if it had been a sign. The Cerberus was about to lean down and trap the ball between its teeth but stopped at a soft sound. A little stone was shaking. The Cerberus stood by the gate, looking into the darkness. Its ears perked up, it sounded heavy and four legged. But the Cerberus did not know an animal this heavy on four legs around this part of the world. The Cerberus heard steps behind it and looked, the boy running towards him with fright in his eyes. Running so fast he nearly tripped over his own feet and his breath already turning to light panting. The Cerberus was confused but the arms that wrapped around his stomach were cold and he could hear the heart of the boy racing faster than it should by just running. The boy's heart was beating like that of a prey, filling the body with adrenalin. The boy did not run at first, as if he was frozen he just kept standing until the father's big hand was slammed down on the boy's shoulder, gripping it tightly as he forced the boy with him. The Cerberus heard how the laughter had turned to yells of fright and saw how the villagers spread out and ran with all they could. Baskets with food and tools were thrown, everything dropped as they fled. That very next moment the Cerberus saw what they had feared. Horses sprinted into the village, on their backs armoured humans, their bodies clad in black metal and their silvery swords seemed to cut through the starry heaven. Riders with torches reached the bonfire and lit the torches only to throw them at the houses, setting fire to the straw roofs that set fire immediately. The fire shot up and illuminated the night. The Cerberus looked as the riders surrounded the village the best they could, trying to capture the villages that found out that walls are not only for keeping things out. Women and children were as prey caught in a trap and as the iron clad humans sliced their own kin with their weapons blood splattered across the ground, screams echoed into the night. The father pushed them against the side of a house, fear in his eyes. The walls were all guarded by now. The father looked towards the entrance. The iron clad humans had gathered in the centre. The father took the boy's hand and dragging him along as they sprinted towards the entrance. A rider saw them, setting in motion and raising his sword, approaching them from behind. The father looked over his shoulder and as the rider was near them the father pushed the boy in front of him.

"RUN!" his voice screamed at the boy that tumbled, turning to look at the father. The Cerberus did not want the boy to see but could not keep him from watching as the rider's sword sliced down, the sharp blade slicing through the skin and then sinking deep into the neck. The blood splattered out, as the pressure pushed the blood out. The boy's legs wobbled, as his high pitched scream echoed in the night, "PAPA!" The Cerberus felt the boy's tears on its head. The little human boy frozen where he stood before his legs finally buckled. The Cerberus looked up at him, the eyes filled with indescribable fear and sorrow. The boy was staring at his father's corpse that lay on the ground, a pool of blood gathering and colouring the ground beneath him a deep red. The Cerberus looked to the rider that dismounted. The Cerberus snarled, a light tremble of its heart as the rider neared them. If it did not do something soon it would be too late, the boy that it loved so dearly would die. The boy that had shown it kindness in so many ways would be gone. The boy that had given its life purpose would disappear. The boy that had made his life this wonderful would be gone. The Cerberus felt an ache through its body before it wriggled loose from the boy's hold.

"YEL! NO!" the boy screamed, his voice drowning in his own tears. The Cerberus stood in front of the boy, the fur raising and its fangs bared. Its eyes filled with a feeling that was not anger. It had to protect this boy no matter what. This boy was what was the most important. No matter what, he could not let this boy die. The eyes of the Cerberus glowed scarlet, the rough wiry reddish fur stood up even more threateningly than before as scarlet of light formed in a seven feet wide circle around it. The Cerberus growled the growl of a puppy. The light squeaky voice slowly turned deeper, stronger.

The body swelled as if something inside it was moving under its skin, trying to come out and stretched out the fur. The effect increased the swelling looking as if the inside was boiling with hard bubbles the size of a human fist and still growing. A knack was heard. The left front paw was now the size of the whole puppy in itself. The fangs grew as if they were shot out and the sound of bones breaking emerged soon after one another as the body swelled larger, the legs grew longer, stronger. The head more marked and the effect that seemed to be boiling under its skin grew much, much larger, the body growing in seconds. A leg returned grew, in a moment it had gone from that of a puppy to that of a bestial monster, larger than the rest of the body. The next grew a shoulder. The rider trembled frightened backwards at the sight. From the scarlet ring a hot air raised, the water in the hair turning to damp so hot that it could burn off the human skin in moments. the growl from the Cerberus had a wet slithery sound to it as drool slipped from its jaw to the ground. The body soon finishing its growth as two knots began to form by its head, growing larger and larger until with an almost groan like sound the knots popped and two other heads appeared, snarling and growling at the attacker. It was larger than it had ever been before. Filled with a desire to protect it would give anything it had. The ring of light disappeared and left was the Cerberus in front of the boy. It was now an eight feet tall beast that at first sight reminded one of a wolf, but as you got closer the mouth was wider and the muscles much stronger, so strong that they could crush a human skull without strain. The Cerberus looked at the rider, for a moment diverting its eyes from the rider. The other riders had seen them and were not charging on their horses towards the Cerberus. The Cerberus let out something with resemblance to a howl but much shorter and sent shivers through the bones. The horses' eyes widened in fear and stopped in their tracks, fighting against their master to flee, some jumping and twisting to get away others ignoring every order and pain to flee in their panic. The riders now without their horses turned to the Cerberus. A few had shields but their silvery swords were all pointed towards the Cerberus, as they hesitated in fear. The Cerberus walked forward, pressuring the riders to retreat backwards in fright. The Cerberus glanced behind it, now a good distance from the boy. The riders began to surround the Cerberus, their swords pointing at it from each side.

A rider set off, the shining black metal reflecting the warm light of the flames, his body close to the ground in a swift run, in range the rider got up and stretched out, aiming for the throat of the Cerberus, which effortlessly slashed the rider away with a sharp clawed paw, the rider's body torn and broken. Lifelessly the rider collapsed to the cold ground, blood sinking into the ground beneath the rider's body. A silent shudder ran through the already frightened attackers. Another charged from a nearby house, lounging into the clear air and held his shield in front of him, his sword ready to penetrate a neck of the Cerberus. The Cerberus, once more, fended off an attacker, this time moving slightly and grabbed the feet of the attacker and with its mouth threw the man as a toy across the ground. With an order from one of the riders they no longer attached one by one but everyone at the same time. The Cerberus could not fend off them all, once it had grabbed or slashed away some the next were already penetrating it with their swords from all sides. The Cerberus gave a growl of pain but ignored it as it grabbed a shield less raider with a mouth and crushed the man in its jaws, the bones breaking and blood splattered down into the Cerberus' mouth and to the ground. Casting away the body the raider hit the ground, for a few moments coughing in air before his body got silent. The Cerberus kicked away an attacker with its leg but had to turn around. The Cerberus felt a sharp pain by its side, deep into it, unlike a claw, but a sharp pain that cleanly cut into it. The Cerberus' red eyes adverted to its side twitching to the side and grabbed the attacker and crushed it. Black blood dripped down from the wound to the ground, not in drops but in big black fist sized cakes. The Cerberus could barely stand on its legs anymore. They had stabbed its legs over and over till the Cerberus could not feel them no more. The Cerberus kept standing, it had to. Once it fell it was a helpless prey.

It's eyes adverted just for a brief moment to the boy. The boy was screaming, why couldn't it hear him? Those big tears rolling down those cheeks it knew were so soft and then dripped down to the ground. It didn't colour the ground. The Cerberus felt happy by this. That it wouldn't colour the ground. It would not turn the ground red, nor black. It would not leave scars where one could keep coming back to see the pain of the sufferer. The boy was held back by a man, the man from the woodwork. The Cerberus looked at the man, fighting to keep the boy there even though the boy wanted to run to the Cerberus. The Cerberus adverted its eyes back to its attackers. Grabbing one and with its two other heads ripping the body apart, the blood fell to the ground as water from a bucket thrown over a field. The remains were thrown apart. Only seven left. Seven left and the boy would be safe. It could not fall till then, it had to stay up, it had to fight with all its might. The Cerberus' vision blurred, the flames seemed like orange liquid. The Cerberus put a paw to the side, realizing how close it had been to passing out. The Cerberus was about to grab yet another, but felt the tip of the sword slice over its nose and pulled back swiftly. It growled fiercely and this time swiftly attacked the prey from both sides with two heads, the raider attacking left and got crushed from the right. Only six left. It felt a stab directly from below, penetrating its liver mercilessly. The Cerberus let out a sharp whimper, moving the numb legs that were torn apart and completely black from its own blood. The legs were trembling. The unprepared raider and two others were grabbed by the Cerberus' jaws and penetrated, blood pouring down on the ground that now almost pooled by the Cerberus. The Cerberus knew it was going to die, the liver stabbed. The ground was blacker than it was red. The Cerberus saw a rider running towards it, its body refusing to move. The sword went straight through the ribs and punctuated the lounges. The Cerberus dropped the dead raiders and began to cough raspy. There were just three left, only three. The Cerberus twisted, grabbing the attacker with the fangs and threw the raider on the ground, stomping on the raider's head. The metal bent and the raider's head was crushed beneath it. The Cerberus wobbled, coughing up blood. It could see the last two through a blur as they charged directly towards it. The Cerberus leaned down, suddenly its view getting black and only got one of the attackers. It crushed the attacker, the insides pressed out of the body and spread over the ground but the very next moment it felt pain rush through its chest as its heart was stabbed. The Cerberus' eyes widened in pain and in a final blood craze it pulled back and ripped apart the last attacker, ripped the attacker to pieces so small that no one would be able to ever recognize the corpse.

The Cerberus calmed down. There were none left. It's legs which had constantly been wobbling finally gave in to the pain and exhaustion, making the Cerberus fall to the side. It's vision was so blurred, but its nose seemed fine. It heard a screaming voice. Too weak to move the heads of the Cerberus rested on the ground. It had fallen. The Cerberus felt a little hand by its head, holding around it. The voice was a blur at first, trying to concentrate it whimpered. Blood sliding out of its mouths.

"YEL! YEL!" The voice was calling for him so desperately. Drops on its head. Was it raining? The Cerberus closed his eyes for a moment, opening again it seemed a bit clearer. The little boy was hugging its head and crying tears so big. The little boy was looking into the Cerberus' eye, holding it so tightly as if trying to hold it in this world.

"YEL, DON'T DIE!" The boy tried to scream but that little voice was rasp and ragged. The Cerberus gave a light cough. Drops hit the Cerberus' skin, no longer only the boy's tears but rain began to pour down. The sky was black, skies had formed and were letting rain pour down on them, as if the heaven above had seen the kindness of the boy and shared his sorrow. The Cerberus did not want to leave the boy, the boy had lost his father and probably also his mother and brothers. It wanted to stay but it was already at its limit. It's heart ached after the stab, most of its body felt so cold and numb. The raindrops began to wash out the blood of the Cerberus' fur and drenched the boy, the hair clinging to that little face and the clothes around that slim tiny body. The rain slowly made the fires die, the world around them got quiet. No more yelling or screaming, only the sobs of the boy and the sound of the raindrops against the puddles of blood and dirt. In that sobbing ragged voice, the boy whispered to the Cerberus, "Yel, why? Thou are a demon, why did you protect me?" The Cerberus gave a few rasp coughs before replying with one of the heads was no holding as to give the boy the freedom to hold him tightly, "Because, before I met you, my life was that of a mere demon. Pain, suffering, hatred and desire that was everything that I had felt, nevertheless with thou in this world my life turned to be more wonderful than I should ever have been. The happiness of the village, the games, the trips to the meadows, everything made me happy, thou have given me emotions past that given to any other demon. My life has truly been wonderful with thou in my world and thou will make the life of many more just as wonderful as that of mine. I cannot let anyone..." The Cerberus coughed hard, black cakes of blood slipped out of it, its vision blurred more. The more it spoke the more blood escaped it. It fought to finish its sentence, "...not anyone... harm you" the Cerberus closed its eyes for a moment, its eyes getting empty.

"Y-Yel? Yel!" The boy stuttered out, an aura of panic seeping from the boy as he spoke again, his voice rushed "Yel, hold on! I will get bandage, I-I will w-wrap you up! Just like we did in the forest, yes just like in the forest. Everything will be all right. I will take care of thou. J-Just breathe slowly." The Cerberus felt the boy move, shifting his weight. The Cerberus moved its other head to the boy's body, holding the boy between two of its heads as it spoke, "It is all right, I will not live much longer. I am happy, thou are well" the Cerberus closed its eyes softly.

"Y-Yel?" the boy stuttered out, softly shaking the head he had been holding onto. The Cerberus opened its eye that could look at the boy but the boy was only a light blur in the darkness.

"Once again thou are the last thing I see, dying by you must be my destiny" it said, the voice low and weak. It felt so cold. The rain was still pouring down on it. It couldn't make out which were raindrops and which were the boy's tears. It closed its eyes one last time, its eyes so heavy. It leaned its head slightly to the side, taking a deep breath. It hurt so much to breathe. It exhaled, a gentle darkness began to wrap around it. It didn't need to breathe anymore. It didn't hurt anymore. A numbness wrapped around its mind. Its senses shut down, its sight already gone and its body numb. The scent of blood was gone, nothing left. The taste of blood reduced to nothing, a warm nothingness. It was happy that the boy was safe. It could not be in this world anymore. Slowly letting go, everything turned black.


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