Temptation of a Lost Soul

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A poem about a lost love and the wasted life that follows.

Submitted: December 11, 2006

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Submitted: December 11, 2006



I was sittin' alone, thinkin' back, dwellin' on

All the things that I'd done kinda wrong.

Then a guy ambles by, gives a nod, winks an eye

And without much ado, ambles on.


Now don't ask me why, I've no reason to lie,

But that guy seemed to me kinda strange.

Had I seen him before? Maybe so, can't be sure,

Either way, he was now out of range.


Then the sky dark it grew, and a chill wind blew

And that pain in my arm gotten worse.

When it spread to my chest, I had reason to guess

That my time on this earth had been served.


As I slumped to my knees, with my breath but a wheeze,

I knew then that I just had to face it.

My life had passed by, in the blink of an eye,

And, without doubt at all, had been wasted.


Midst the dark came a light, then she came into sight,

The girl that I'd loved long ago.

She was young way back then, now she was so again,

As she called from that bright, eerie glow.


My mind it did race, through my years of disgrace,

Watching life through a bottle or glass.

Now I dwelt on the loss, and the happiness cost

When the drink won its war o'er my lass.


Soon she'd married another, settled down, ‘came a mother

And my journey'd commenced,  into hell.

Two score years since we'd met, I still drink to forget

How we could have been happy as well.


With my lungs growing weak, tears wet down my cheek,

She calls out from her circle of light.

‘I still love you,' she cries, ‘love like ours never dies,

Come with me, be together tonight.'


As I reach out in hope, for her hand I do grope,

But her vision it bursts like a bubble.

And that stranger is back, shuffling cards in a pack,

With a smile that can only mean trouble.


He sets down the cards, splits the pack - King of Hearts,

And enquires if I'm willing to play.

‘You've seen what's at stake; that a chance you might take?

Hurry up, you've no time to delay?'


‘What's your rules?' I do ask, having seen through his mask,

Knowing Satan's the guy stood here afore.

‘Your soul it is mine; we know that, that's fine,

But the girl, it's for her soul we'll draw.'


‘Pull a King, Queen or lower, and her earthly life's o'er,

But she'll join you for ever beyond.

Though Hell is the place, where you two will embrace,

And from thence you can never abscond.'


‘Let me see if I'm right, Dark Prince of the Night,

With an Ace I can safeguard her life.

Though should I draw lower, her life here is o'er,

But in Hell she would live as my wife?'


‘That's right,' said Old Nick, ‘now you just take your pick

Of these cards that I hold in my hand.

And with odds twelve to one, you can reckon upon

Seeing you're love in my wonderful land.'


With my head all a-swirl, I thought of that girl

And the kids she'd be leaving behind.

So I reached down below, for my pocket did go,

Where an ace I expected to find.


It was there, sure enough, found its way to my cuff,

So I said to Old Nick, ‘Boy, you're on!'

We shook on the bet, but we weren't done yet,

The game it remained to be won.


When I held up the ace, you could tell by his face

That the loss was a blow to his pride.

But for me it was worse, for I knew I was cursed

To damnation without my fair bride.


With her name on my tongue, to my last breath it clung,

Though to you I can never reveal it.

But listen up close, on the wind hear my ghost

And it may let you into that secret!


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