Pivotal Point?

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Hi guys this is actually a repost. Friend of mine couldn't pull it up so I decided to repost. Its more of a blog that I had to get off my chest any feed back is welcomed as I am trying to star a book of some sort. Thanks and God bless.

Ever been at a pivotal point in your life that all you can think is "WHY?'" "WHY ME?".

Does it seem as if you keep setting yourself up for so called dysfunctional relationships.

WHY is it that your taking EVERY THING that I love away from me?

Is it that I do not deserve to be happy, some sort of test , or is this some ultimate form of punishment?

Now to think of it, maybe its not "love" ( as you all know nowadays that word is sooo loosely thrown about) well at least I thought it was love I mean I am sincere in my feelings.

I now realize that you are just separating me form these dis-illusions of so called love that are hindering my walk with you.

The past 72 hrs have been a real eye opener for me I've been told some things and I hear you loud and clear Lord.

But what and how do I get to where I need to be.

I AM looking for love in all the wrong places.

At a certain point and time I felt that I could complete a person, I don't know if that make sense to any one, but I honestly felt like I could be that better half and that they'll change because they "love me" ( ha what a crock of shit!!!).

People will always tell you what they think you want to hear because they have good intentions and don't want to hurt you, I now realize that.

How can I be the better half of some1 else if I'm not right with myself or the Lord for that matter, it will never work.?

On yesterday, it was brought to my attention, that the pathway to Hell is lined with these same good intentions.

Funny huh, I mean when you think of it that way.

I am still at that same crossroad but now there is a fork in the road.

Which way do I go?

Do I turn Left or Right I don't really know.

God please guide my steps because all though I try not to look back my current path is just lined with

Good Intentions


Submitted: February 01, 2007

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I love this poem---says a lot of what I feel---beautiful writing--you have me reeled in as a fan--:)

Thu, February 1st, 2007 3:46am


Gosh, thanks. I really love your work so, again THANKS!!

Wed, January 31st, 2007 8:19pm

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