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More of a blog than anything. Has some humor to it so give it a read. Basically has do with relationships.

Submitted: January 30, 2008

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Submitted: January 30, 2008



Damn, I just can’t seem to win...... LOL

Are good men an endangered species?! Some sort of dying breed that you hope you may have the pleasure of stumbling across.

I find it quite amusing how some folk, no matter how hard you try, seem to want to take your kindness for weakness. I will admit, at times, I am a little pig-headed, stubborn, hell maybe even a little self -absorbed, selfish heck I could go one for days about some of the things I've heard that was wrong with me. (Sorry for having standards). But I kind of think I have a right to act this way , especially since all I keep meeting are these “tired ass nicca’s” who came to be real but turn out to be Fraud’s. Just once, I beg just once, can somebody please be what they say they are. I can’t stand LIARS. You men "claim" you want someone to tell you the truth but when that happens you can't swallow what is dished. Now fellas please don’t feel as though I discriminating( when I use the term nicca) I'm referring to all men ( every hue) that I’ve had the pleaseasure of running across. LOL.

Let me let you boys in on a little secret.

Women are very intelligent beings, sometimes too much for our own good. When let with idle time our brain's go into overtime. We basically know what we want, even if we don’t tell you. Just know that you are being graded from the first moment we lay eyes on you. So FYI be prepared to pass some tests. We for the most part want and/or need a man that is going to compliment our "sexy", someone to stimulate our minds (first and foremost) as well as our loins. We need a man that is willing to take control but still let us feel as though were in charge. We need a man that is gonna handle his business.

Now I know, by this point I know most of you all are thinking WTF?(LOL).

All I 'm saying is will all the REAL men please stand up because the REAL women are now accepting application.

P.S. Don’t feel discouraged if we don't get back to you remember that you app will be on file for 6 months.

Have a great day!!!! 

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