puckert the monster

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this is a short story of a monster named puckert and his life and hunt to find his peoples. this is a working progress.

Submitted: April 01, 2016

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Submitted: April 01, 2016



Puckert the Monster 


There was once a monster that was sad and lonely because all the other monsters didn’t like him. It wasn’t because he was a monster or because he was ugly it was because he was the only one of his kind. The other monsters had family that were just like them but not this monster. This monsters name was Puckert. He was a very strange looking creature, Puckert had a long neck with long arms and talons. He had scales and his eyes were bright red. Puckert was always the monster left out he used to be hurt by this but after a couple of years he developed a tolerance to the monsters teasing. Puckert was an orphan that was being raised by two old harpies that had took in many other orphan monsters but not like him. Puckert always wished he could find his mother and father. But most times he tried to not think about it. 

One day Puckert went on a field trip with his class to a museum while on the tour with his class he saw a door that was slightly open. Puckert decided to ditch the tour and go on an adventure. As he walked towards the door he looked around making sure no one else was looking at him. He reached the door and slowly went into the next room. The room was filled with hundreds of books and drawings. He never saw so many books in his life. He started to look threw all the books, running his bright red eyes across every letter on every book. Every title was more interesting then the next. Then he reached the bottom of the pile of books when he spotted a dusty book under a shelf. He crawled towards the book when he sneezed from all the dust. He picked the book up and read the title Ancient Monsters..... 

To Be Continued ….. 

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