Yn whistling bristling breezy

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scottish drivel and/or nonsense

Submitted: March 21, 2013

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Submitted: March 21, 2013



Yn whistling bristling breezy


Tha breeze it whistles through tha neet

I canne standle on me feet

Eet blow a bloody fearsome voice

und wriggles through in bristly noice


A quivering cap’tain of much renown

were bastin a puddin as his ship went down

he sang with his rum abound his chest

and chortled at the weend as he sank to his deeth


When ya hear of a breezy that’s a blowin in ta Port

Spare a thought for tha cap’tain, of the rum he would snort

Tha weend eet sailed in and snatched im awee

But ya can still hear his chortles ta this very cald dee!


By tha Neek Saundersh 17th October 2011

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