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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

the human race was on the verge of distinction until one scientist decided to make the next generation stronger, by giving them powers to fight against the titans. Of all the children there is a boy who's power should be one of the strongest but because he is unable to control his powers for certain reasons, He is ranked very low in the school find out how he rises to the top

~~The unseen world
In a world filled with unnatural phenomenon there are beast which we humans fight against called titans, the human race was the verge of distinction until one intelligent human rose up and decided to make the new generation stronger so that the human race could once again live in peace. The scientist took hundreds of new born babies and turned them into titan hunters but the scientist could only do so much before he was struck with a horrible disease and died. Among the hundred of new born babies was his son, and for some unknown reason his son was two times stronger than the others. We all grew up together in an organisation called the black orbs. My name is krory, krory kugan and the bastard I was just telling you about his name is Allen, I never really had the time to figure out his last name but for some reason I have always hated him, even though he acts like I don’t exist the mere fact that he is number one in the school while I’m a no body annoys the hell out of me. Thats why I've that decide this year I would get stronger then him,  lets not forget that he’s number one in the class so all the girls like him, that why I’ll aim to be more popular then him as a side mission.
Now lets get started my powers are what you would call underdeveloped, though the elders say my powers should be able to rival that of Allen’s power but when ever I challenge him it just never works out, he wins with out even looking at me, by the way I forgot to mention my power is fire and Allen’s power is water, and to tell you the truth I have never seen Allen serious so i'm guessing I don’t want to. Meet my friend’s levar and lenalee, levar and I go way back, I saved him while he was on the verge of death, well you see it happened something like this, I was on my first mission and levar was my back up but he was attacked from the back and severely injured, I had to carry him on my back for two whole days, but it was no problem since its me, anyways he’s able to control lightening though its kind of scary he’s number three in the whole school that’s why i'm glad he owes me his life, then there’s lenalee she follows us around all day because she has a crush on levar, although he’s completely clueless I find it quite amusing how she try’s to get him to notice everyday. Her power is called dirty boots she can dance through the sky like a flying princess. Although both levar and lenalee are at the top of the class there both my best friends, I would tell you my rank in class but its going to  come a lot pretty soon.
( Bell rings ) well its time to get to class, today for the first time there is going to be a test of skills in the whole school, though I’m not to happy about it. We get to class and are told about the rules, change our clothes and warm up for the fight, I don’t have to worry about levar and lenalee because their powers are far greater then mine, anyways were in line and  right off the top its me and Allen to fight, I should forfeit but nah maybe I’ll get lucky today. For some reason he looks seriously agitated, I think he hates the fact that he has to fight me. ( Bell rings to fight ) He goes for a straight knock out, lucky for me I’ve seen that move one to many times so I doge using fire below my feet to accelerate my speed and jumping at the last second just barely escaping his TITLE WAVE, then I use my specialty, WING BEAT OF THE FIRE DRAGON! but he just avoids it like its nothing, and for the first time he talks to me but it just had to be something like, today’s your lucky day, I just say heh maybe and start on my next attack, he then uses his water gun never thought he would use that on me, I was kind of happy but dang he’s only aiming for my head and I’m just barely avoiding them, so I decide to taunt him, if you think am lucky now just wait and see how lucky I’ll be when I beat you, he just stares at me in silent rage, I could see that he was angry he uses a flash step and gets right in my face with out me noticing he leans over and whispers in my ear , do you want to know how your parents died beat me and I’ll tell you I saw the person who did it, my mind went blank in an instant, all I could think about is if you knew why didn’t you tell me or one of the elders I’ll kill you! I’ll definitely kill you Allen! I feel a huge serge of energy the more angry I get, the flames surrounded my body like if it was going to eat me alive, I took a step and before I knew it I was on the other side of the arena, I didn’t even notice when I moved but who cares I’m going to kill Allen for sure I started attacking him with everything I had and for the first time he started dodging seriously, trying to get an attack in but it was almost impossible with the level of attacks I was throwing at him, although none had hit him so far. So I decided to put my speed to the test, I threw and attack from the west; then the east; then the south, and closed in on him from the north, he knew if he took the hit straight from me it would be game over, so he held my fist to stop me and took the rest of the attacks, this guy is crazy he would fight severely injured just to win? Sounds like something I would do, but when he touched me it was already game over I formed my fire into a fist and grabbed him by the face and pushed him out of the ring, don’t worry if I don’t want my fire to burn it wont so his pretty little face should be okay, I still want to rearrange it though.
Well I did beat him like I wanted to so mission complete though i'm not number one yet. Wait! why does everyone looks so scared? I just beat Allen, they should be cheering. Oh wait maybe I do look a little scary ( I try to out the flames ). Wait!  I can’t control it anymore what the heck am I going to do! Its still getting bigger damn it! But I can’t unleash it here the whole place is going to be blown up. Allen then gets up and shouts every one get out! The whole arena is now in a ruckus why did he have to go and do that? That jackass just because I beat him he does this. Allen then shouts at me, krory the one who killed your parents was you my mind goes blank again and I release all of my energy and Allen unleashes an even greater amount energy to counter mine, it was starting to turn dark and I could see that I was falling unconsious,  but it seems Allen was knocked out before me, when I came to, two days had already gone by and Allen was yet to wake up. I decided to wonder around outside of Allen’s room until he woke up. About an hour later Allen wakes up. I walk into Allen’s room after I confirm it with the nurse to make sure what he said was true, did I really kill my parents? Or was what he said just a bluff to get on my wrong side, it has to be, surely I did not kill my own parents and forget about it. I grab Allen by his collar and pull him up asking, did I really kill my parents? He replied softly, yes, but in a way it was not really you, it was like your fire was controlling you, like it had a mind of its own, only wanting to kill and destroy, it might have killed me too if it was not for you parents, they sealed your fire with their life source, it’s the only reason were both still alive or your fire would have devoured you.
It’s Monday and my head hurts like hell, I wonder what levar and lenalee is up to its been four days since I saw them, and I just got a new mission for me and levar, the principal says I should let lenalee come along , but I guess he’s right, I will need someone to keep my powers in check other than levar, because they have been out of control since my fight with Allen, and speaking of Allen I haven’t seen him around lately, I still want to get stronger than him, though I don’t hate him as much now, didn’t know I almost killed him twice, although I failed both times. Well there is some good in it I’m considered the rampaging ogre who can rival Allen, well maybe it’s a bad thing, but no one knows I pulled that off on a whim just yet. I’m still weak old me right now, though I don’t have good control over my power right now. Maybe I’m over thinking it so forget about it, I’m going to find levar and lenalee.
I found levar and lenalee they were in the cafeteria having breakfast, I told levar about the mission, titans are attacking city central, wipe them out and return. Easy mission he say’s maybe there trying to keep tabs on your powers after all,  I guess he is right, but if their worried that much they should just let me stay home, lenalee suddenly starts shouting at me, your powers are out of control, if you stay here the school might be blown to bits in an instant, I’m pretty sure there going to send you on at least two small mission everyday from now on, and that’s the least. She was totally right, all I could say was, I guess. Were ready to head out but as we reach the gate Allen jumps in front of us and says he’s going to tag along. I say I don’t mind I wanted you to come anyways. but I wonder what's with the sudden change of heart I thought he heated people, anyways lets get going. As we start walking I can see that his pace is decreasing little by little so he can slowly exit the conversation, so I decrease my pace to meet with him, and in no time were behind levar and lenalee and surprisingly he starts a new conversation, but am glad he did because I had no clue how to talk to the guy I’ve hated half my life. He says he’s sorry that he didn’t tell me about my parents before, he just thought no one would believe him until they saw it for them selves, and that’s why he did what he did in the fight. That aside all I could say was sorry, and speed up, we walked for a few hours until we reached the city central. Everything looked normal from here so we jumped up to the roof of a building and what we saw was the most horrifying thing I had ever seen in my life. Half of the city was already destroyed and the titans had piled up the bodies and were eating them one after another as if we were their lunch. I was so furious that I started attacking with out a second thought. Using my fire and forming a big ball of flames my most powerful move, SUPER NOVA! I then leaped into the air and threw it at the titans burning half of their numbers to ashes, levar, lenalee and Allen then jumped in to finish up the rest Allen with his usual TITLE WAVE took out two, laver with one of his most daring moves JUGEMENT! Took out four, lenalee with DIRTY SPEARS! Took out one, but me using that one move exhausted all of my energy, they never fail to surprise me their just too strong.

To be continued

Submitted: November 10, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Nicholas arthur. All rights reserved.

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I like the action in your story! :) Hope to see more!

Tue, November 18th, 2014 1:26am



Thu, June 25th, 2015 6:55pm

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