The Nest

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The only thing I have ever known is inside of here; The Nest.

From her isolated world, Sophie recalls her family; her depressed mother; her nonchalant uncle, and her oppressive all-seeing aunt. Having never seen the outside world, or what is left of it, the inquisitive Sophie must rely on the stories she overhears to paint a picture of the ‘Old Life’; the present day to you and I. The more Sophie hears, the more she wants to know, and this hunger is heightened with the arrival of Leo, a young boy of Sophie’s age. As Sophie and Leo grow, so does their friendship and their eagerness to find out more about the outside world. They do not have to wait too long until fate lends them a helping hand and they find a key, but to which door in the Nest they do not know, only that it must belong to one of the Committee, a group of men and women who govern the Nest and its residents, censoring what they see fit. Sophie and Leo eventually discover a room into which they should not enter, but, as curious as children so often are, they do and what they find causes a chain of events that will change their lives forever.

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Submitted: December 04, 2014

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