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A maligned yet strong willed student in poverty braves the elements on yet another desperate run for the shopping. Will he resist the temptation of those adverts?

Submitted: December 18, 2011

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Submitted: December 18, 2011



I step out of the front door into the wall of rain that awaits me. I don't go to the car, there is no car. I'm a student and cannot possibly hope to idulge in such luxuries. The car. Ha! Now there was something that I and every fellow youth took for granted right up until we flew the nest. Of course some lucky birds had rich parents who simply bought them a car to get around. They go shopping in the dry. But then I think to myself, they will never learn the value of things and upon crashing their special new toy they'll simply ask for another. Oh, but they had to make sure the personalised number plate still came with it! No, I think myself ironically lucky. When I get a car, I'll appreciate every nut and bolt in the thing and respect it as such. God knows mummie and daddie can't just pull another one out of their arses like the others seem to be able to.

I'm getting very wet, but it doesn't matter. In a few years time I'll not be the one wrapping my car around a lamp post. Most people hate the rain, especially when it's this heavy. I guess I used to as well. But all these rationalised thoughts seem oddly sobering and I feel an almolst nihilistic shield around me. It's only rain, it'll dry off in time and I'll be warm and dry again when I arrive at the store. Theres no point making a fuss about the rain. People seem to spend their hard earned money as quickly as they earn it. All those adverts we see on the sides of Facebook. Adverts, adverts and more adverts right up until we get to the entrance of the store where we see a clever mechanism sliding several of the buggers at me, one after the other, seeming almost to rush in an attempt to cram as much commersialism into my brain before I even go past it. Jesus, calm down sign, I'll get spending in a minute. What will it be today?

Ah yes, theres the beer advert with specially hi resolution droplets adorning a supposedly refreshing bottle. Thats then followed by the messy kid with yoghurt all over his face advertising some new variety pack and finally....Ah I'm going past, what will be? Oh, yes. That film that just came out on DVD. Must be rubbish if it's already eight pounds. Alas, here I am judging a film I haven't even seen by a glance of the pushy ad billboard. The sliding doors make that familiar sci-fi sound in my mind as I walk through them. Oh mum and dad, that was far too much Star Trek and Star Wars in my upbringing.

Ok so I'm inside. Yet more adverts, swinging from the rafters, encouraging me to buy some mince pies. Oh, thats right. It's Christmas in three months time. Bugger that. I don't have the kind of money to get into the festive mood this early, let alone indulge in such luxuries as flavoursome food. No, I must make a B-line towards the stir fry section and the mince beef section so as not to get distracted by stupid things like chocolate or ice cream...Where the hell are those noodles? Hang on...

They've moved everything around again. They had to, didn't they? So much for not getting distracted. Those money grabbing bastards planned this all along of course. Ooo, fairy cakes. See? You see that? Bloody fairy cakes looking at me. They knew they were gunna do this to every poor sap that strolled in here. Yes, I do want fairy cakes but I don't reallyneedfairy cakes. Just keep walking, Nick and don't look at them for too long. All sorts of lovely things surround me now, as I float up the isles looking upwards at the signs telling me whats where. Damn these periferals. Thats the red and black of whats not own brand, they tell me. Thats the unmistakeable shine of the crisps I used to afford screaming 'EAT MEEE'. Damn these perifierals, they're so distracting 'Oh, sorry', I chirp to a mother. Did she ram me with her child adorned pram or vice versa? Who cares, I've gotta find the stir fry section and the minced beef and get the hell out of here. On my way from place to place in my desperate hunt, I see families with deep trollies full of things that they don't really need. Fizzy pop, magazines, new shoes, different varieties of condiments, the list goes on. The lioness finds food for her cubs, who follow her down every isle. I envy the children that follow the trolley that feeds. I was like that once, with no concept of money or budgeting or what to do to keep everyone happy. I just followed the trolley and watched in wonderment as item after item piled into it, later to be piled into my stomach. I took it all for granted and wanted more all the time. Those adverts made me an ungrateful sod. 'More, more, more', I'd think. Like an addiction to tobacco that I am all too familiar with, I was addicted to beinggiven things for free...

Ah! Found it. Take that you corporate money grabbers, you're psycho-consumerist mind games didn't work on me! So I grab the mixed vegetables, the noodles, the pasta, and the minced beef. I head over to the self service area with only the thought of bolognase or stir fry for dinner yet again. I'd eaten those two damn meals ever since I moved here but hell, they're money savers. And, as usual, I'm bloody starving right now so the sooner I get home the sooner I can appreciate all this monotony all over again

Unexpected Item...In bagging area.Gah! Every bloody time whats in the bagging area now? Nothing. The machine is just being a dick, as per usual. 'There you go', I think to myself with that undying sense of achievement after my shopping. About eight meals for under a tenner and the corporate world's best offorts to make me spend more didn't even work. Well, I wouldn't want to be a hypocrite. I'd better wrap the carrier bag tightly round my fingers. I don't want the fairy cakes getting wet.

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