Industrious Destruction- A Metaphore

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A comment of the destructive nature of humanity. Make of it what you will. Several interpretations would be interesting to see

Submitted: November 25, 2011

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Submitted: November 25, 2011




He stands alone, naked, arms outstretched with his face tilted towards the sun. He feels its heat caressing his every fibre and is perfectly in synch with the nature around him. His eyes are closed yet, not only is he aware of the fauna and colour that surrounds him, but also of all that is in existence. In this realm there is no taint of human influence to poison the green into grey, the earth into fire or life into death. Only simple equilibrium and a sense of oneness. He feels the realm around him pulsating with life as it flourishes further, great colossal leaves spurting from the earth around him, flowers blossoming at unnatural rates. Was equilibrium always meant to be so extreme? He didn’t care, this was bliss. How existence was meant to be.

Bringing his arms down to his sides, he takes a deep breath of the purest air imaginable, tilts his head back down from the sun’s rays and opens his eyes. He is omnipotent. Everything is exactly as he sees it in his mind. Every last detail, from the exact colour of the leaves to the rate at which the flowers blossom. He grins to himself, refraining as best he can from regressing into a paralytic state from the overwhelming sensations this place gives him. He takes his first step forward and the instant his foot touches the ground a droplet of rain smacks into one of his leaves. Turning around he looks at the leaf, at its movements from being hit by the rain drop, in disbelief. He hadn’t foreseen that! Yet the leaf moved, defiantly, all the same. Walking closer to the defiant leaf for curiosity’s sake, even more rain falls from the sky, unpredicted and unwanted.

Suddenly the blue sky turns to grey, in turn dulling the vibrant colours that surround him. He’s lost control, suddenly terrified at what will happen without his omnipotence. Millions of raindrops fall from the now grey mouth of the sky as it showers him completely. He can’t maintain the energising warmth of the sun and when he is completely soaked, and cold he loses connection. Anger takes hold as he drops to his knees, burying his face in his arms, gritting his teeth and screaming. Great pillars of steel burst forth from his prized earth and the tree branches turn to coils of wires as they buckle out of shape. All the earth and grass peels off in tiny segments sucked into the grey sky never to be seen again, under which are ugly steel girders and wire mesh floors suspended over hot furnaces. He looks up in distaste at what has happened to his creation. Why was this happening?

The destruction eventually begins to erode atself as the steel begins to rust as fast as the flowers had blossomed and the wire trees burn up like networks of fuses. In wake of the destruction a thick smog hangs over his ruined masterpiece and the bastardised topography begins to split. A primal instinct to survive sees to it that he runs for his life, futile as it is. Jumping over cracks and tears in his reality, the rusty floor burning and cutting at his soft feet. The furnaces below seemed to feed off all this destruction as the girders, mesh floor and wire foliage fell into it making it ever brighter. He looked down at the brightness of the furnaces and up into the smog, hanging further with terrible cunsumability. With the slightest chance of knowing where to put his feet, he chose to look down gradually becoming more and more blinded by the light. Until finally his next step is welcomed by nothing and he falls. Terrified, he waits for the end. But there is no excruciating heat. Only a pure and blinding light and he feels bodiless, free and at one with everything once again.

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