A Killing Kind

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During the second World war, Major Rommelfanger of the German millitary, has been given a promotion to take hold of the Belzec,Poland.

Submitted: March 04, 2015

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Submitted: March 04, 2015



A Killing Kind

In concrete box underground, sits a man leaning over a lifeless body thinking to himself, “Why did I let this happen?”

On the dark morning of January 20th 1943 a newly polished black Mercedes 320 Cabriolet D rolls through iron gates topped with heavy barbed wire. This gate seals in a rat of a facility with large chimneys that push enough smoke to cover the sky in a forever blanket of shadows ,and a stench that could cause any normal human being to gag by just taking the smallest of breathes. The vehicle pulls in front of the nicest looking of all the other building besides the stains of the air and the weathering of the stone in which it was made of with a sign that reads “Kommandant”.

A Well decorated military man who wore a four stared Major insignia on the left of his collar and the Waffen-SS insignia on the right. He had a black military uniform with a red arm band accent. He got out of the high profile vehicle and walk into the building and was greeted by large weight Brigadier General. The General was not a tall man but his voice was very commanding he said, “Due to your new promotion you will be stationed here in Belzec” “The past Kommandant, Christan Wirth has set high expectations Major” “You must meet your quota or you can find yourself a one way ticket to the eastern front”. The major straightens his posture and says like a trained dog “jawohl” then he raised his right hand “Hail Hitler”. The General did the same and walked out. The Major walked around his new office dragging his hands around the beautiful oak stained desk a sure piece of superior German craft. The major cracked a slight grin as he went to the other side and sat down on the matching chair, placed both his hands on the desk, tilted his head back and let out a deep breathe. He knew he found a place where he would belong.

There was a very uniformed knocking at the Major's door, the door opened, and walked in a Captain with a three star diagonal insignia with stripes on the edge as well as the Waffen-SS. He was carrying the bags from the Major's Staff automobile. The Captain was a well built man on the edge age of twenty-nine. He was eager to introduce himself to the new Kommandant, so he placed the bags down by his feet raised his hand to this head and said, “ Captain Weinkauf at your service my Kommandant”. The Major got up, his grin turned , lifts his hand to dismiss the salute and the Captain.

The Major grabs his bags and places it on the desk, opens it and pulls out a photo of him and his mother and father in a ivory frame. He hasn't seen his family in so many years since they sent him to live with his grandparents.

His parents were not supporters in Hitler's belief of politics and sent him away to keep him from this exposure.

The Major knew not of the reason for their for sending him but he knew it was because they loved and cared for him and only wanted the best for him. “Only if you could see me now.” he said with a smirk that has now appeared on his face. He then pulled out a gold plate, waked to the door placed his name plate which read “Major Rommelfanger”.

The Major has gone to the surrounding buildings to make good of his new mess of a home. He looks in each shack like structures to see people who seem more like skeletons with a layer of skin.

Each and every man looked upon the Major as if they are seeing the Angel of Death itself walk through the camp but they know better,they know he will be just as bad, just as cruel, just like the rest, but perhaps he will do them a favor maybe he will do them a favor and release them from the hell of which they live in. A place where they are killed because of there genetics, their loyalty to another,their ethnic background, and even their religion.

The place these men are in is the concentration camp of Belzec,Poland a land where they execute Those who do not believe in Hitler's cause,Romanians, the disable, and most of all the Jewish people and this will be the beginning of the end for more than five hundred thousand of their lives under the rule of this ex-Gestapo now Waffen-SS Major.

It has been only five months since the general has left the camp under the control of Major Rommelfanger, the Major has given Hitler's “Final Solution” a whole new definition of efficiency within those five months Major Rommelfanger had tripled the number of gas chambers and cremation ovens. This would allow him to be able to kill half of million blemishes to the Third Reich.

These mass killings did not only effect the amount of innocent victims that would be killed through out the war, murders also had a harsh effect on the Major's own mental state. He has grown numb to the feeling of all moral values. It has turned to habit for the Major to personally rid of the captives by his own means of disposal these ranged from forcing parents murder their own children and sleeping with their corpse just for his own entertainment of the sorrow of others. The Officers of the camp feared the crazed Major Rommelfanger more than the captives did.

This happen when Captain Weinkauf the once eager and loyal officer, now fearful tried to assassinate The Kommandant. He would do this by sneaking into his office at night and shoot him. When the Captain walked into the office instead of finding the sleeping Major, he was welcomed by him and he would be seated in the once matching chair now covered in dirt and blood stains holding a mp-40 sub-machine. Major Rommelfanger then shot a entire clip into the Captain. The blood sprayed over the gold name plate with the black ink that once spelled the Major's name now runs red on the door as well making a mess of the hanging family photo in which the blood has covered the faces of the father and son.

Once news of this incident got to headquarters in Berlin instead of Being field marshaled Adolf Hitler instead wrote in his wartime journal, “The Kommandant in Belzec,Poland Major Rommelfanger, is the perfect example of the unstoppable German Third Reich and is why all the rest of the world should shutter in fear ”.

It was in the late of noon when a train dropped off hundreds for more black eyes to the Thousand Year Reich. The Major stood in the court yard with a cold expression on his face along with a group of officers behind him standing in uniform order. The crew from the train unloaded the the men and herded them into the gate's confinement. It was not a very large cargo there was no more than a hundred men. Major Rommelfanger signaled his men to organize the standing men in rows. The major started to walk across the front of the rows looking at the new guest to their final resting place. “Welcome men” he said with a devilish grin on his face “You do not believe in our great nations Thousand Year Reich” he now stops to face the men “What you do not see is that I am the embodiment of the strength” his voice now becoming louder and intimidating to all around him, “of the power, of the Final Solution, of the swastika, I am the Third Reich!” he shouted as he grabbed the man in front of him by the neck and throws him to the ground. The Major with a quick motion raised and through his arm down with a sudden jerk. The officers at the motion open fire upon the rows of men falling down with their blood spraying into the sky mixing with the ashes of the cremation oven chimneys.

The man on the ground is weak he can not stand back up, for his bones were to brittle and from the fall his wrinkled skin has already tore in pain. The old man rolls on the dirt so his back is down and he looks but his vision has aged along with him, but he can see the shadows of the men in who he has been traveling with being slaughtered like sheep. He turns his head on the dirt to see the boot of the man who thrown him. The dark ash mixed with the crimson blood in the air has made the Major look like a dark nightmare, but the man knows Major Rommelfanger and he can only amount enough energy to mumble, “I am sorry”.

Major Rommelfanger hearing noises coming from the man on the ground turns to face him. He then proceeds to beat the man breaking his bones one-by-one and with his teeth flying out out followed by a river of blood with the Major's hands now coated in the mans blood. The man is able to make out four words, “son...please..forgive...me...”. The major now sudden paralyzed droppers the man's corpse to out popped from his pocket a corner of a thick piece of paper. There was a sudden shift in air for the Major it was as if someone has shot him. The other officers start to slowly approach him to see what the problem was. With a shaking blood soaked hand he reaches for the paper and pulls out a picture of a young couple with a child. The Major now feeling overcoming emotions vomits to his side. The picture was the same picture the Major had in a ivory frame hanging in his office. Major Rommelfanger has just murdered his own father in cold-blood with the realization of this the Major collapses the last thing he hears is officers beside him screaming for medics, and it all went black.

Major Rommelfanger was in a Volkswagen Type 1 with his father and mother they just bought it a week ago. His father now younger no wrinkles a strong looking German man ready to take life by the horns turns and his mother crying with her blonde hair covering her face. His father looks to his son and says “you will be living with your grandparents in Poland. I don't want you to be exposed to what is happening in Berlin” “I want you to know we are not abandoning you we just feel like you need to learn more about the good of life and the sensitive passion for nature and not what our country is going through with the Great war ending, so please forgive us and never forget us” “we love you”.

Major Rommelfanger quickly in a sudden jerking motion sits up in a cold sweat. He is in a unknown place its cold, there is no windows only lights that are hanging and shaking from the ceiling. There is loud explosions shaking the whole room. Its hard to tell where they are coming from. There are other beds in the room with multiple officers.

A General enters the room and approaches him. “Ah you are awake” he said “ you must be a bit confused you are in a underground bunker”. Rommelfanger giving him a confused look “why?” the Major asked. The General replied “Once Hitler found out your incident at the camp and all he ordered you here to receive the best medical treatment possible, but you were out for a long time and you must know something.” the general now looking down to the ground, “We are going to lose the war, the allies liberated France, destroyed most of Berlin, and now we they have surrounded us”. “ Thank you for catching me up with the times.” Rommelfanger said putting his hand on the General's arm.

Major Rommelfanger got out of the white bed which now has dirt stains from his stained once clean black uniform. Walking through the hallway corrodes with the lights turning off and on because of the bombardment. He drages his dirty hands across the sides of the hallway.He makes through the halls looking at the palms of his hands that no matter what he still sees the stains of the blood of the thousands he had murdered ,and still scared from the vision of his father blood on his hands. He had become the one thing his father feared the most of his future: a Nazi.

Making to The main war room of the bunker sitting Adolf Hitler with his wife and dog. The couple must have been fighting which would not be surprising under the circumstances. Hitler stands up with the dog in hand screaming at Adolf, “You dummkopf!” “do you see what you have done with your fanta-” Hitler has just shoot his own wife as she collapsed on the floor dropping the dog to run free somewhere in the bunker. Hitler with out remorse unloads the rest of the clip into her. Major Rommelfanger standing in the door way enters from the shadows.

“Major I am glad you are here”. Adolf said with still a demanding voice “You are the only one I would want to see right now.” Major Rommelfanger just stares at the man up against the cement wall “why is that?” the Major responses. “You are the true definition of the superior being I wrote about in 'Mein Kampf'”. Adolf said with pride in his voice “you are the the true being of the Reich”. The Major looks down and lets out a slight smile he reaches for his Luger p08 “ I am the embodiment of the strength, of the power, of the Final Solution, of the swastika, I am the Third Reich”. Major Rommelfanger then shoots himself flush to the side of his skull staining the wall with a diagonal stream of blood over where there was a carving of a eagle proudly sitting on the Nazi swastika.

In concrete box underground, sits a man leaning over a lifeless body thinking to himself “Why did I let this happen?” he then reaches for the gun the Major dropped, puts it in his mouth and fires.

This causes another diagonal steam of blood across the carving to mark the eagle with a blood riddled “X” and below lays the ruins of the true Third Reich. 

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