A Gleaming Savior

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This story was written with the theme I needed to use from "The Kite Runner". The theme being a long road to redemption. As I wrote this story I was in a sad mood as you will see. Lets just say I felt relived when I was done. Enjoy!

Submitted: November 28, 2011

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Submitted: November 28, 2011



A Gleaming Savior

Tim was an odd child from birth.  When he came out of his mother’s womb, no one cheered.  They only cared for his mother.  It was like that most of his life.  He was never the main focus in any conversations or activities.  His suffering from being neglected started out as painful, but he quickly learned to become emotionally numb, which came off to most as indifference.  He showed no one love or affection because no one spared him the same.  Instead, his temper was the only thing he chose to show.

He was left at home to watch his old, dusty Aunt in a small, musty room while his family enjoyed a dinner out on the town.  His Aunt had recently been diagnosed with dementia and had to be watched at all times.  Tim had begun to loathe times like these.  It seemed to be that he was the only one who watched her, probably because he was never given a choice in the matter.  I guess that’s to be expected since he was a ghost in his own house.

On this day things seemed to be going well.  While his Aunt slept, Tim sat glued in front of the computer trying to drown his building anger.  His anger was substantially larger than normal today because today was his 18th birthday.  He had planned to go out, but that all went down the drain with a fierce encounter with his Father.  As he sat staring at his computer, he was suddenly jolted into reality by the screams of his Aunt.  He instantly remembered that he hadn’t given her her medication.  

As he walked calmly toward her room, he couldn’t help but think of how much he resented having to care for the old bag.  When he opened the door, the screams ripped at the threshhold of his temper.  He snatched up the bottle of his Aunt’s medicine and poured out a pill.  That was her dose - just one pill a day.  But, before he knew it, his anger got the best of him and he was pouring several pills into his hand and jamming them into her mouth, forcing her to swallow.  Before long, her screams left the house once and for all.  He had killed her.  For the first time in his life, he felt an emotion other than anger.  Sadness, deep sadness was all he felt.  It seemed to smother any other thoughts and, before long, he found himself in a deep depression.  

For the next ten years, his life was a foggy mess.  He dropped out of school shortly after the “accident” and had countless episodes where he attempted suicide.

The grief he felt was more powerful than anything else he’d ever known.  He had killed a perfectly innocent woman out of anger and selfishness.  He knew that no amount of suffering he’d endured was an excuse for what he’d done, especially when his Aunt hadn’t been one of those who had intentionally caused him pain.  He wanted nothing more than to die.  This pain added to the pain he’d known in childhood.  Soon it became so overwhelming that he attempted suicide and now, because of that, was on a strict watch at the assylum.  Five of his ten years were spent here and, in that time, never did his sadness lessen its grip.

It wasn’t until Tim found his “Savior”, that he was spared some misery.  He would never forget the day he laid eyes on that small, glistening piece of metal.  He saw his moment of redemption the minute the guard left him to check on another patient.  He could finally avenge the taking of his Aunt’s life and pay for what he had stolen.  A life for a life.

He grabbed the shiny, metal statue and pressed it into his neck, tearing his flesh to the artery causing his blood to force out of the wound.  The sadness finally was losing its grip on him and the release felt amazing.  He had been tortured by his sin for so long and now his memories were fleeing with every spurt of blood.  Then, suddenly, the relief stopped and things began to go white.

The next thing he knew, a radiant figure stood before him.  He didn’t recognize this person but, somehow, he knew who it was and his eyes began to fill with tears.  It was his Aunt, as she was in her youth.  He couldn’t believe what he was seeing and then, as if to add to his awe, she spoke.

“Tim, it’s time to forgive yourself”,she said in a voice filled with caring emotion.  “I know what you have lived through and what brought you to do what you did, but you have to forgive yourself because I forgive you.”  She knew it was not Tim’s time; He was only 28 years old.  In her next breath, she told him to go back and to live the way he was meant to live.

The next day when Tim awoke, it was with a mysterious and rare expression on his face - a smile.  He had finally forgiven himself.  It felt good.  He couldn’t remember the last time he felt like this.  Right then and there he vowed to be a better person and to help others who were less fortunate, those who had tough upbringings like himself.  Each time that he did, he was reminded of how lucky he was to have been given a second chance.

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