A Tumultuous Bond

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I wrote this for composition class. We had to use dialog through out. My inspiration for it, is a fight I had with my wonderful girlfriend. Enjoy. Feel free to comment.

Submitted: November 28, 2011

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Submitted: November 28, 2011



A Tumultuous Bond


As Carl sat in class, his mind wandered to thoughts of what he had done.  He tried to think of what his girlfriend had said minutes before, but his mind drew a blank.

“Why are you touching me? she asked, as Carl gently poked her flawless side.  “I’m mad at you.  I’ll talk to you later.”

“Whoa, what are you talking about?” gasped Carl, as a feeling of fright engulfed his body.

“You can’t keep your mouth shut!” she exclaimed, as she pretended that everything was fine.  “I will talk to you later.”  Carl, now terrified by the thought of what he had unknowingly done, staggered to class. 

Carl sat in class, shaking, as much from the fear of losing the love of his life as from anger towards the one who had betrayed him and told a lie.  In his mind, he ran through every memory of anyone he had talked to.  His body language told those around him that something was bothering him – death grip on the pencil in his hand, legs crossed rigidly tight.  As he contemplated what had transpired between him and his girlfriend, he sat mystified upon the realization that nothing he said should have upset her.

“Carl?” said his teacher, as he saw there was nothing on Carl’s paper.  “Hello, Carl, is there something bothering you?”

“Oh, oh I’m sorry.  No, I was just day dreaming I guess” replied Carl with all his might, so as not to show any weakness, or signs of what he was feeling.

A long beep was heard signaling that class was over and it was now time to see what he had done.  As Carl left the room, his fear grew and he was soon the equivalent of an adolescent child alone in the dark.

As he approached her locker, he thought of how good she made him feel and he hoped she would forgive him for whatever it was he had done to upset her.

“Hi,” Carl said awkwardly, ashamed though not knowing why.  His girlfriend responds with a small, “Hi”, the anger still lingering in her voice.

“I want you to know I love you, “replied Carl, hopeful that his love will be enough for her to forgive him.

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