Natures Timeless Beauty

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This was also composed for a class. I have a love for the St. Croix River. Its beauty is everlasting. Comments I'm also up for critiquing.

Submitted: November 28, 2011

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Submitted: November 28, 2011



Nature’s Timeless Beauty


Along the river’s pristine edge runs a small, dimly lit cobblestone path.  On this path walks an ordinary business man, his fine woven suit gathering impurities with every step.  As he walks, his mind set on his destination, he’s blind to the surrounding beauty and nature.  His mind as a machines whirring and grinding with his everyday routine just like a robot, fails to acknowledge the beauty that this majestic earth features.

In a timeless inlet the water flows into a pool of translucent luster. As the man kneeled down to get a drink, he noticed a small fish. The fish remained hesitant to the man’s decent, but as soon as his hand went to scoop up water, the little fish danced away. Soon after this experience the man notices that around the edge of this simulated pond grew a vast amount of raspberries. As the man grabbed one it fell off the plant and rolled around in his hand, a perfect ripe red. As his hunger began to overwhelm him, he voraciously ate as many berries as he could. The sweet and rough taste beating his bland taste buds back into working order. The taste began to change him a little as he began to appreciate his surrounding more and more.

As night engulfs the dim light of the shadows began to appear and dance before the simple man’s eyes.  Soon the crunch of his step began to sound like the steps of another.  Little by little, this begins to wear on his naïve mind.  Fear begins to envelope his thoughts.  Along the path, he notices a small grove of saplings.  He gathers clumps of leaves and moss to make what a deer would call an elegant bed.  In the middle of the silence is a noise, continuing to grow in intensity.  The noise ends up being that of a small, innocent creek trickling down the polished, flawless rocks.  Throughout the forest is a brisk wind, filled with the scent of fresh water and raw earth.  The scent resonates in his nose, so strong he can almost taste it.  The fresh dew and the rugged earth collaborate to create the most astonishing smell.

As he lays his head down, his eyes continue to roam letting his mind take in the dark shadows of the limbs of trees and the river winding between them.  The river’s surface is a sheet a glass, except for the jumping fish that shatter its surface.  The moon continues to illuminate small areas under breaks in the trees. 

Under the moon the giant forest seemed to be its own realm, a realm where there is no pollution.  As pure as the moment you lay eyes on it.  Overhead an eagle cuts through the still air, slicing and chopping, it flies faster and faster over the forest.  Its destination is the top of the largest tree in the forest.  This tree, eldest to all of its siblings, is covered in scars of the past, like a warrior’s armor after many battles. As the man thought of the eagles true beauty, he fell softly asleep.

As the man gains consciousness, the next morning there is an image that one would only think to be in a fantasy.  Tiny gems of water cover the shrubbery and create glorious rainbows all around from the powerful streaks of morning light.  The sound of footsteps would soon be heard all around as the tattered-looking man walked on, one with nature.

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