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Submitted: August 22, 2019

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Submitted: August 22, 2019



The vampire walked over to the zombie and fed him a brain. Here is a brain. The zombie graciously took the brain and thanked the vampire. “I was hungry how did you know?” “Oh I was actually coming home from the blood drive and I passed a morgue and decided to grab a brain for my friend. 

you know.” The vampire said with a smile. A few minutes later Edward showed up. “Hey you guys sorry I missed class today I had to do a haunting session with my dad at a local house these suckers really think ghosts are haunting there home...they called in a priest and everything. 

It was kinda awesome. The vampire and zombie started to laugh. Hahahahaha Humans are so dumb! They’ll believe anything. Just then Dracula enters the room. “Are you ghouls studying? The BOOFinals are coming up soon and you’ll never get a good scaring job if you don’t pass.” “I know dad. 

God. The vampire son said. All I’m saying is to pass the test you have to scare John Cena and nothing scares him. “Oh god not John Cena legend says you can’t see him, not even... “Count Dracula.” My dad said laughing. “Daaddd” the vampire son cried out in embarrassment. “The next week” at Booschool” “welcome to the last day of the rest of your lives...we have a special guest hear today so I expect you all to be on your worst behavior. “Yes Death.” The class day to the teacher the grim reaper. 

There’s a knock on the door. John Cena enters the room. “You Can’t see Me!” He shouts. Everyone screams and runs out of the class. “Wow...you gotta teach me that.” Death says to John Cena. I see you by the way. “No you don’t” Cena says shaking his hand back and forth. “Ahhh Humans are weird.” The grim reaper says...”I need a drink.”

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