Don't Call Me Your "Baby".

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Something I'm sure most can relate to in some way or another.

Submitted: October 04, 2011

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Submitted: October 04, 2011



He always, always, knew how to make me so happy. He was my best friend. He new what made me laugh and what made me cry. He knew my dreams and my darkest secrets. If I ever needed someone to talk to, no matter the time, I knew I could go to him. Just by doing the littlest things he made my life more worth while. I knew we were young, I knew there was a chance that what we had was nothing more then puppy love. But I didn't care. I thought I'd marry that boy. I thought he was my everything. He was the air I breathed, the ground I walked on, losing him would be the end of my world. I was certain if he ever left I wouldn't survive. I looked forward to seeing his face everyday, holding his hand, hearing his voice. He was so good at picking me up when I fell, being my shoulder to cry on. He called me "Baby", it made my heart soar. He had me on cloud nine. I thought loved that boy, with my whole heart, my whole being. And I thought he loved me too..

It's been six months since I last spoke to him. Six heart-breaking months. He went from being my world to someone I avoided. If I saw him on the street I hid. If there is ever the chance of those bitter sweet memories flooding back I dodged them. I pushed my sadness and hurt down. I swallowed down the tears. I threw out our pictures. I burned our notes. I tried to separate him from my mind. He stuck like glue. He was branded into my mind. Permanent.

Or so it seemed. I have moved on. So has he. 

He has a new girlfriend. Sure, he holds her hand. Comforts her when she needs it the most, anytime of the day. He knows what makes her laugh and what makes her cry. And yes, he knows her dreams and her darkest secrets. He calls her "Baby".

I have a new boyfriend. He doesn't just hold my hand, he holds me, carries me. He doesn't just comfort me when I need him, he will drop everything just to be by my side, taking care of me, anytime anywhere. He knows how to make me laugh so hard I shoot milk out of my nose, and he knows how to get me to stop crying when I start. He keeps my secrets safe and guarded, and he wants nothing more to see my dreams come true, and to be a part of them. He also calls me "Baby" but it feels so much better when he says it.

He IS my everything. I DO love him and he loves me.

I couldn't be happier.

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