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A young girl discovers the mystery of where her grandparents disappeared too after they were dead and found there treasure to save there parents home from being Foreclosed upon.

Submitted: June 23, 2017

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Submitted: June 23, 2017



"Did you bring it?" I took the board out from my back pack and placed it on the iron table besides us. Good Now Maybe we can contact my grandmother and ask where she has hidden the loot." I place the planchette on top of the ouija Board. Samantha places her hands on the planchette and turns to me and says "Come on Alex don't you want the fortune?" "I do but I have heard stories of these boards things can go wrong we may contact someone else." We won't I promise. Samantha says. She has been my best friend for about twelve years now and she has never really been wrong before but this time I wasn't sure I was ready. I hesitated for a moment. What was I afraid of? After all it's just a mere Board with numbers written on it surely it couldn't be a gateway to the other side could it? "No" I place my hands across the planchette. Samantha smiles and says "Thanks you" and then she says "Now grandma I summon you please speak to us tell us where you hid the treasures in our house?" There was a brief pause and we heard thunder from outside soon the sky was lightened up by a flash of lightning. We started at the window until the planchette started to move. It spelled out "H-E-L-L-O" Alex if your trying to be funny I swear..." it's Not Me! I say. Grandma?? Is that you?" Sam asks again. The board then replies with "Y-E-S" "Oh Thank God!" I missed you. Our mom is about to loose our house can you please tell me where the treasure is buried?" The Board then spelled out "T-R-E-A-S-U-R-E?" Please grandma the bank are coming to take our house unless we can come up with a lot of money we know you hid some in the house. The board spelled out "I-N-B-A-S-E-M-E-N-T -S-E-C-R-E-T-R-O-O-M" where is the secret room? "B-E-H-I-N-D -D-O-O-R -B-U-T-T-E-N-O-N-W-A-L-L" there's a secret bitten behind the door in the basement? Samantha asked? The board spelled out "Y-E-S" thank you I love you grandma. And Samantha and I ended the game right there. We ran down to the Basement we opened the door and the wall was filled with bricks. We kept touching each one until we could feel a bitten finally we got a switch and the house started to shake and straight ahead part of the Brick wall disappeared and was replaced with a long eerie darkened Hallway. We looked at each other. We took a few deep breaths and I grabbed a candle and we started to walk down the hallway there was pictures of our grandma and grandpa all over we kept marching on and we saw a grand piano we stopped at it. "I didn't know your grandparents knew how to play the piano?" Alex said. I didn't either. All the keys were down except for one. I pressed the key down and the room started to shake again as a picture of my grandfather started to fall down showing a small crawl space. We took a few deep breaths and entered the crawl space. Inside we entered another hallway and this time right in front of us there was two coffins. We each had goosebumps. Samantha approached one of the coffins and I approached the other. Samantha opened the lid and inside was the bones of her Grandma and I opened the other and there was the bones of her Grandfather. We never did know what exactly happened to our grandparents they just disappeared one night it's pretty scary to learn of this secret room and there coffins inside our home this whole time. There was a note on the the bones of my Grandma I reached in and grabbed the note and read out loud


 " Congratulations you have found out our family secret I'm sure you were expecting a treasure but we are not rich I'm sorry however what you did not know is that your grandpa and grandma are actually vampires. Yes I am serious when we were young we ran into someone one night and we got bit. That is why you never see us outside or you never did during the daylight. Well your grandpa and I couldn't take it anymore and we locked ourselves in here one night and we'll after a few days without food or water we died inside these coffins. Now for the good news the bank said they were going to Foreclose on you guys well we wouldn't let that happen I know I said I'm not rich but over time we saved our own money and also well took the money of our victims and  well it's enough so that the bank won't take your home. I love you and your parents and I want the best for you since I obviously wasn't able to help you while I was alive I sure as heck can help you after I am dead." 


Wow I don't know what to say I look on the table next to the coffins and pick up an envelope it contained $25K more than enough to let us keep our home and live comfortably for a long time. I was also glad I found the secret out of what happened to my grandparents do I believe they were vampires? No my grandpa was always a jokester and I honestly think they did build this secret room because they were smart and maybe they bought these coffins just so they wouldn't have to leave the house since they genuinely didn't like people and I'm sure they didn't want to be buried near anyone. Anyway none the less as a sign of respect I did not tel my parents about my grandparents or the secret room I didn't want them to worry I told them I found the Money in our basement they were so glad that they didn't even ask where. I was glad I kept the secret for my grandparents and I know they are smiling down on all of us from Heaven. I love them and always will. Samantha said.

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