“Grandpas secret” from beyond the grave.

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My name is April I am a 10 year old girl. I live with my family my daddy “mark” and mommy “Tina” we live in a big house and my grandpa lives with us he is 95. I have a really good relationship with him. We are very close. My grandpa always said good morning to me when I woke up. 

I’d come down for breakfast. He’d be smiling at the kitchen table he’d have a seat waiting for me next to him with a plate of waffles. I remember one morning I woke up it was later then usual. Usually my mom or dad wake me up around 7:00 in school days so I can catch my bus. But on this one particular day it was a Tuesday around 9:30 I woke up and came down stairs. My dad was in the phone and my mom was at the table crying. I asked her what was wrong?. She took her hand off her face and looked at daddy who came over to us. “Well sweetie grandpa died last night.” “What?” I said startled I ran to his bedroom upstairs but the door was locked.  “ no he can’t be.” I said. 

My mom walked up the stairs into my room. “I’m very sorry but it’s true I’ve been in the phone all morning with relatives. The funeral is tomorrow. *the next day came and we buried our grandfather.* that night I couldn’t get the image of the casket lowering out of my head as I cried till I fell asleep. I said a prayer. My mom was a firm believer in the afterlife she had a ouija board she tried to conjure grandpa in the kitchen. She had no such luck. I woke up in the middle of the night and walked out to the hallway. I saw a reddish light coming from the kitchen. I wondered down the steps and entered the kitchen. The ouija board was sitting on the table. I walked up to it and placed my hands on the planchette and said “grandpa I miss you,please come home.” With that I went back to my room. 

The planchette started to move. About an hour later I heard a door slam. It took a few seconds for me to realize it was the front door. I got scared when I heard loud thumping sounds coming up the steps. I got up opened my door and looked out into the hallway. Nothing was there. I turned around and went back into my bedroom shut the door and got into bed. “April I missed you” a voice said in the pitch blackness. I froze. As the voice repeated itself “April? It’s your grandpa.” 

“Grandpa?” I said. “Yes I wanted to tell you I love you.” “I love you too.” I said. “April I’m in pain. You see I made a deal in my life and now I’m paying the price. I’m in hell.” “What?” I said. “April you see I made a deal about twenty years ago I contacted a demon. I begged it to spare me. 

It said after I die it would posses me. I can’t let it possess me” “What do you want me to do?” “Burn the ouija board. It’s the only way.” “Ok I said I grabbed matches and grabbed the board my mom came down the steps and jumped “ I had the board in the fireplace about to burn it when my mom grabbed the matches. “What are you doing?” “Grandpa is in trouble I said. “That’s not funny you don’t play with matches ever.” She said to me. “She grabbed the board and matches and put them out of reach. “I heard grandpa scream in pain. I watched in horror as my mom started to go in shock. She woke up a few minutes later and started to levitate. “She looked at me grabbed a knife and slit her throat.” The next day I got into my grandpas bedroom and got his journal and sure enough in December of 1999 it said “I made a deal with a satanist today during a seance to spare my family of the family curse and in return I would spare my life to the demons of the afterworld. I asked my dad about the family curse. 

It turns out I had several relatives in my family all die mysteriously and I never knew them. There was a list of relatives. People I never knew and the last name on the list was my name. With yesterday’s date. I was supposed to die yesterday but somehow I didn’t. 

Submitted: April 13, 2019

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