"guardian of the knight"

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Submitted: July 15, 2018

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Submitted: July 15, 2018



It was the summer of 1997. I was a camp counselor at a very known park company, however i was in charge of the elementary school camping trips. I was usually with a group of fifty kids all ages 10-15 at least. 


One night it was July 23rd, a Friday night around 10 pm. I had just finished checking the campers bunks and telling them it was "Lights out" time. When I was walking back through the woods towards my bunk. I took the woods as a short cut. Billy had ran full force and into me knocking me on the ground. I asked him what the hurt was?" He had screamed to me "Didn't you hear it?" Hear what? I asked him. 


He went on to tell me something about a animal he saw that had the body of a man and head of a horse and arms were claws and had a serpents tail but was as sharp as a knife. He called it 


"The guardian of the knight"?


It's probably just a bear or a raccoon I told him. We did after all live in cali. He calmed down a bit and agreed that I was probably right and it was just a bear.  I mean as a kid seeing a bear is scary. I walked him back to his cabin. After making sure he was safe I returned back to my bunk. It was about 11:00 at night now. I wanted to get some sleep but another part of me wanted to google "Guardian of the knight" so that's what I did.


I jumped on my laptop and spent about five minutes until I finally found a website dedicated to this silly urban legend. I got kind of freaked out as I read the description of the creature. Billy was right about everything. I heard a faint scratch sound at my window. I shut the computer and looked around in pitch blackness, I was afraid to move. But then I said to myself I'm the counselor I'm not afraid! 


I got up and walked over to the window. I jumped as I saw a couple claw marks on my window. I went back on my computer to read what the creature does and I jumped as I read 


"The guardian of the knight will stalk a leader and when the person is most vulnerable it will drain the blood of the victim. And will also make sure to leave. No survivors. Panicked I ran down to the cabin to check on the kids. Billy was gone and some of the campers were scared. I asked where billy went? They looked at me and said "Who's billy?" I described him perfectly. The rest of the campers stared at me like I was crazy. 


I ran back to my bunker and billy was staring at me inside the cabin. I froze as I watched billy turn into the "Guardian of the knight" before my very eyes. It's giant tail pierced through my stomach and it's giant tongue sucked up all of my blood. The creature than turned and started to make its way back to the other cabin. 


To bad I didn't read the comments on the page in time as the first comment said 


"The Guardian will disguise itself as a young boy to get in good with whoever it's victims were." The only known way to kill the Guardian of the knight is with Fire." But those who know that don't often get the chance to try.


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