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There was a small town in Africa where the older generation lived. An elderly man in his 80’s and his friend had just moved in and were taken care of greatly. The home was for the elderly and for the sick. However one of the best parts about living here was the view in room 2007. 
It over looked a ravine and you could sometimes see wildlife from the room but the room was only used for the sick. One night Elmer a cancer patient had heard a growling sound coming from outside. He opened his eyes and saw from outside the window a group of male and female lions eyeing the entrance to the facility. 
He watched as one of the lions had actually started to tackle the doors. Elmer  had said a small prayer and as he finished he looked up and saw the lions had broke through the doors and were now inside the building. 
Elmer watched as he heard the screams of people all around him and he heard a growl he looked over and a male lion was now inside the room. Elmer and the lion locked eyes. 
The lion growled and pounced. 
Elmer could do nothing but watched in horror as the lion attacked. To this day it’s still a mystery how the lions new to attack some say poachers lead the lions to the house as a terrorist attack but that has not been confirmed. However the lions could have just showed up because they were hungry.

Submitted: January 22, 2021

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