“One late night”

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I knocked on my girlfriends door at about 1 in the morning. 
I had cuts all over my arms and shirt. My girlfriend let me in and grabbed some wash cloths and started to gently clean me up a little. She had asked me what happened? 
I told her I got into a minor fight. 
She was livid and wanted me to contact police. I looked her in the eyes and told her not to tell police under any circumstance and if she does than she’d never see me again. 
Concerned for my health she agreed and finished and got me a pair of fresh clothes that I keep over at her apartment just for situations like this. 
She smiled and me and kissed me on the forehead and said how she wanted to take a walk. I suggested a ride instead. 
Soon we got into the car and I started to drive away as fast as I could. 
My girlfriend got concerned when I started to drive out of town. She asked 
“what was going on?” 
Nothing I said as I stared at the road in front of me in the Subaru Forester. I could tell she was worried. 
Finally I stopped and looked at her and said 
“here’s some money for a taxi go home.” My girlfriend started to get scared and asked what was wrong? Was someone after you?” 
“I waited a few seconds and answered back “No.” “I don’t understand.” 
She said. 
“You won’t.” 
I said as she got out of the car and walked towards the gas station. I started to drive away as fast as I could. 
As soon as Lexi called her taxi she walked into the gas station to get a drink and some snacks. She came back outside and the taxi had come ten minutes later. 
Lexi spoke with the driver. “Crazy night out.” He said. Adding “it’s dangerous for you to be out here.” 
“Why? I had asked. 
The man looked at me and said “a murderer is walking these streets police looking everywhere for him.” 
Lexi started to gulp and said “is there any pictures of him?” 
“Yes. In fact there is,” 
The man took out a picture and showed it to Lexi. 
Lexi froze in horror, as she was staring at a picture of the taxi driver.  The exact one she was getting a ride from right know. *the man smiled locked all the taxi doors and sped off into the night.*

Submitted: February 26, 2023

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