“Paranormal apocalypse Mountain State Asylum is coming”

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“The Asylum” is coming!

Submitted: January 18, 2019

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Submitted: January 18, 2019



“Mountain State Asylum” is the darkest chapter in the “Paranormal Apocalypse” built in the late 1890’s it was home to the mentally insane.


One day in the early 1930’s a hurricane struck the city and destroyed every building around except for the asylum. 


In 1950 a very bad fire broke out in the city burning down a lot of buildings but yet again it left the asylum untouched. Than in 1970 an earthquake hit this time it shook the asylum but no damage. The building is said to be haunted. The building was condemned in 1970 however. 


In 1980 the building was under construction and people were allowed to tour it. 


Now years later in 2010 the building remains condemned. That was until the apocalypse began. A group of savages took over the building threatening to kill anyone who fought back. The city of “amellia” just let these people take over it wasn’t worth the fight. 


It is now 2016 and the story goes these men never stepped outside the asylum during the day and would only move at Night. They are all well armed and dangerous there leader is a man named “Tabias” he used to be a part of world war 1. So he saw a lot. 


Tabias, and his men have a secret weapon, they have 6 pet wolves that guard the gates every night from trespassers or dangers. “The asylumates” feed the wolves every morning and night time. Giving the wolves love as well in return for the wolves guarding the building. Now Dexter and Jeremy get kidnapped by this group.

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