"Paranormal Apocalypse season 6 episode 7 "COVID-19"

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“What does that mean? Dexter said. “I’m taking you to the place where you will die.” Kathleen said.

 “If you think nobody will come looking for us your crazy.” Jeremy says. “Well Jeremy you already isolated yourself if anyone comes it will only be for Dexter and Nadine has no clue where you’re at so the way I see it you’re both at the mercy of me and my group.”

 “We will get out of here.” Dexter says to Jeremy. “Oh really? Stop the car.” Kathleen orders. “Now don’t do anything foolish but Open the door and take a look.” Kathleen says. *Dexter and Jeremy both open their doors and are shocked.

At least ten cars were following right behind them. “No one will be getting out of here alive I’m afraid Dexter. Kathleen says cracking a sinister Laugh. “We could just jump.” Jeremy suggested “Not with ten cars behind us we’ll only make things worse I suggest we just play her game for now.” Dexter whispers.” “Ok.”

 “So Kathleen when Julia died how long before you took over?” Jeremy asked. “Oh I see you are just trying to upset me Boy but you will need to do much better than that.

I took over as soon as that worthless creed was dead on the ground. “Funny thing I never saw a body so we assumed you took it robbing us of a proper burial. “No we did what was right we took her body back with us to bury. We were going to tell you but the Executer soon came after us.” Dexter said. “Lies all of it I am Finished talking we are almost here you both will die.” Kathleen says.

 *Dexter looks around the back seat for a weapon of any short but there was nothing. “We need a diversion Jeremy says. “We can’t afford one right know we must do what she says for the time were trapped.”

“Screw this. Jeremy punches the driver in the back of the head. Kathleen yells “What the hell.” But grabs ahold of the steering wheel as the car speeds in the wrong direction and crashes into a tree causing the car to flip over and roll down a hill with Kathleen, Jeremy and Dexter inside the flipped car. Dexter wakes up and looks around and sees Jeremy unconscious.

 He tugs at him to get him to wake up. Jeremy wakes up and they both start to slide out from under the car. “Whew were safe for Now.” Jeremy says as they continue crawling away from the car witch just got set on fire.

 *A pair of boots stepped in front of Dexter and Jeremy They belonged to Kathleen.* “That was very stupid.” She said as her men were surrounding Jeremy and Dexter with guns.” “Now we must continue on foot.”

*Kathleen forces Dexter up and same with Jeremy. “This is Tod He is my assistant.” Tod waives aiming the gun at Dexter.”

“Tod huh?” Jeremy says. “Shut up you do not speak my name ever.” “We’ll shit.” Jeremy says. *Kathleen and her group march Jeremy and Dexter a couple miles till they get to a sewer entrance. “Go down.” Kathleen says. *Dexter gets the sewer opened and starts to climb down.

Jeremy climbs down next Kathleen goes down next with her people. “Why are we in a sewer?” Dexter asks. “I told you this would be your final destination you boys won’t make it out alive.” Jeremy and Dexter walked across the sewage water on to the sidewalk and continued to walk until Kathleen said to stop. “Now turn around drop to your knees.” *Jeremy and Dexter turned around and dropped to their knees.*

 “Dexter looked at Kathleen and said. “Wait just wait. We can work something out. “Kathleen smiled and raised her hands as her men surrounded Jeremy and Dexter. “Let’s play a game.” “What?” No we need to get out of here.” Jeremy says. “Well I’m afraid that isn’t an option you can either play my game or I will kill you both. But I’ll probably end up killing you both anyway so yeah.”

 Kathleen says. “We’ll play your game.” Dexter says. “Good.” Kathleen says. “Ok So It’s quite simple. There is a gun in the sewer water you will need to find. I can’t tell you where it is but I can promise you will need it.

 Kathleen walks towards the ladder and starts to climb up the ladder. A couple seconds later the remaining members followed up the ladder as well. *Dexter and Jeremy watched as the sewer entrance door closed. A few seconds went bye. Dexter started to search the water for a gun. *Jeremy searched himself for his weapons.*

“She took our weapons that bitch.” Jeremy said. There was a loud sound and suddenly about ten Lunatics started to walk inside the sewers. Jeremy started searching for the gun in the water too.* the lunatics saw Jeremy and started to run at him.

One of the lunatics tackled Jeremy he fell under the water and got up and raised his fists. He punched a lunatic but had no affect and just seemed to make the infected mad. “Jeremy tried to punch again. But another infected tackled him into the water and charged at him.

Jeremy countered and managed to strangle the infected and shove its face under the water and drown it. *Dexter found the gun just in time and shouted to Jeremy to duck. *Jeremy ducked* Dexter shot at the lunatics and killed them. “Dexter and Jeremy both took a couple deep breaths.”

 “We need to get out of here Dexter said. As he and Dexter ran towards the Ladder. *Kathleen was waiting by the entrance with a gun in her hand.* Dexter started to turn the lid and pushed open. He saw Kathleen with the gun. Dexter managed to shoot the gun out of her hand.

And had managed to hit Kathleen in her hand with a bullet.” “Son of a… I want them Dead!” She yelled running out of harm’s way. Her men started to shoot at Jeremy and Dexter.

Dexter slammed the lid and they managed to get back down into the sewer. Dexter and Jeremy ran as fast as they could straight. And ran into two paths. “Witch way should we go?” Jeremy said. “Kathleen’s men opened the lid and started down the ladder in hot pursuit. “Left” Dexter said as they ran left. *Kathleen’s men ran straight and came across the same two paths. “Tod Yelled “Alright COVID-19 TAKE your unit and go right.

 I’m taking my Unit Left.” “We find run into these pricks, we shoot on site. Don’t let them get away.”

“Hope we don’t run into a dead end.” Jeremy said. As him and Dexter continued to run deeper inside the sewers.*



“Were not going to make it out alive. Jeremy says. “Yes we are.” Dexter says. “Were in Hot pursuit Kathleen this will all be over soon. Tod says. “Good I want them boys to die down there in the darkness. Isolated away from the world.” “We need help I can radio Mayfield.” “No.” Dexter says. “I’m sorry but do we really have a choice?” “Well there you boys are. Are you ready to die now?” Tod asks.


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