Pep talks for the upcoming war!

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Paranormal apocalypse

Submitted: January 18, 2019

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Submitted: January 18, 2019



Pep talks before  War! 


“Ok everyone listen up. Tonight..,Now tonight is going to be bad. A lot of you may die,may not I can’t sugar coat this....but what I do know is this is it.there is no plan B. If we storm up to purgatory they are gonna fight. If we’re prepared enough we will win if not....we’ll I don’t want to think about that. Now this is our one chance. We have to do it. We can win we can execute an Executer! Together we are so much more.. Now if everyone is with me we will win. We will...we will...Now who’s ready?”


“This is the end of the line for Dexter and his people! We will end them all Tonight....This will be a Night Not just for me but for Purgatory, we will Never Forget this night! 


“Now Executer has tried to bring us down in the past but that’s the past we are now in the present and we are the lost souls we are meant for this life together we kill and kill and kill don’t look back you get any shots tonight you take them. I’m sick of Executer and dexter. Tonight 2 things happen 1 the deaths of our enemies....2 we take back Our Cemetery we take back what belongs to us! We take there Lives!.”

*Julia Swann*

“Tonight is a important night. We are going to help Dexter with this fight. And after we win we are leaving. I didn’t want to get involved but things happened and now we are. But I promise you all as soon as this one...ONE fight is done we will leave and never Come back. I assure you all you will be safe this fight won’t be long. Or bad. Trust me we will Win and by this time next week we will be free we will be on our own once again, like we belong we will be free! We will win! We are a united front we Can’t Loose!”

Well shit now I’m ready for the war. All 4 communities at one time fight. Episode 14 can’t come fast enough. Still have to do some build up for this fight but this will be great!

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