"Pokémon Go"

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A short Florida horror story about Pokémon go

Submitted: July 06, 2018

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Submitted: July 06, 2018



My brother was playing "Pokémon go" on my phone one evening. I told him to not go too far as we did not live in a safe part of town. He told me I needed to chill because the area we lived had no "Pokémon gym or health centers" I told him again to not wonder off. I went back inside to check on the pot roast for dinner. I came back out he was long gone. 

We lived down in Florida and on the road we had about five or six houses all on one side of the street as the other side was filled with Marsh. It was dangerous not just because of the high waters but as well as water moccasins  and alligators.  

I walked outside looking for him when I saw a shoe on the ground near the marsh. I ran over there was no signs of any trouble I didn't here anything so maybe it wasn't even his shoe? Matt had walked down the road past our neighborhood and into another neighborhood. On the opposite side. 

A girl asked him what he was doing? And he said playing "Pokémon go" she asked to play he agreed and she said "come inside my house I'll show you my Pokémon" matt said he wasn't allowed to go into strangers homes. The girl said her name was Eliza and they weren't strangers. 

As matt went to the door a tall looking man wearing a ripped  up shirt and had a bloody knife in his hand came to the door and said "Did ya get another victim Eliza?" Matt took off running in the other direction. The girl yelled at her father. Matt ran home and told me what had happened. I grabbed the phone and called the police. 

A few minutes they came and did an investigation at the home. And after thy came back to our house, I asked if they arrested the people involved? The officer looked at me and said "the house was empty and looked like it has been abandoned for years. 

What no one knew was that the house wasn't abandoned the man and girl took off to avoid the police but they very well lived in that house, in the basement there was a secret room a room with a dark secret the girl lures people into the house, and the dad uses chloroform to put them to sleep and he straps them into a gurney and burns them alive. He feels he was put on the earth to Quench the universe of humans. 

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