"Scandinavian urban legend the pastors wife"

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Submitted: June 30, 2018

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Submitted: June 30, 2018



"Scandinavian urban legend "The pastors wife"


The story goes a women married a pastor and all was great. Thy were all well respected but the women had a deep fear,  she was terrified to have children she went to see a witch who told her she was to have seven. 

The witch gave the women a spell she threw seven rocks down a wishing well and that was said to prevent her from having Those kids. She thought she had nothing to fear until the pastor realized she had no shadow, he then knew she had done great evil! He tried to get the truth from the women. 

The pastor then kicked her out of the house and told everyone to not take her in, she cursed at the pastor and the pastor told her she would never be forgiven. Upset she left the village and later found another priest who would help her, he told her she would have to sleep in a church and read a book and not give the book up to anybody and a lot of people through the night would ask for that book she has. 

During the night she was visited by the spirits of the seven children she refused to have who spat at her and called her selfish for not letting them enter the world.  

That next morning the pastor told her she achieved redemption but she had only a day to live.  She headed back to the village in hopes to see her husband one last time, but no one took her in due to the pastors last advice. Eventually someone took her in and she died behind an old stove the next morning the pastor saw a red rose on his red table he cherished he underwent great fear and went out looking for his wife, when he found her dead body he lost it and overtime went mad and died of grief.

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