"Screen porch"

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Submitted: August 03, 2018

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Submitted: August 03, 2018



In 1998 in a small neighborhood in Ohio, a family of five hade just moved into a small house with a patio and screen porch. The mother loved the screen porch and would spend a lot of her time there but never at night, mainly because she had three kids too make sure went to sleep at certain times. Well it never occurred to the parents why they had gotten the house so cheap.  One night around two in the morning the mom woke up from her sleep and thought she would go out for some air in the creek porch. The moment she entered the porch she froze and dropped her glass as she was looking at a young women asleep on one of the chairs. 

The women woke up scared and immediately fled from the porch. The mother screamed and screamed as the husband came outside. She told him what she had seen and the husband called the police. The police came and said there was nothing they could do, but if she ever came back to call them again. This got the husband wondering who she was and if the previous owners New about this? 

He did a little research and found the previous owners and asked about the girl. The women suddenly got scared and said "She's back?" "Who?" The husband asked. "Melissa she was one of the first owners of the house. She died in 1976. " there must be some mistake. The husband said My wife saw her run away. The women then told him about how she died and that screen porch was where she died. The husband called up the retailers and they came over with a newspaper article claiming the incident was true. The spirit of Melissa haunts there home..How long has Melissa's spirit stayed at the house? And why we're the previous owners ok with this?

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