“The McDonald’s murderer”

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Submitted: October 27, 2018

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Submitted: October 27, 2018



Michelle was working late at McDonald’s one night. It was open 24/7. Around I want to say 2:00 am. A car had ran over the bell alerting her that somebody was in the drive-threw window. “Hello I’ll take your order whenever your ready.” Michelle said. 

There was along pause and a voice started to breath heavy. “hello?” Michelle said. Then she heard the bell again and the car drove off. Michelle was the only one working so she thought nothing of it. Her friend would be in at 5 am. About a half hour later she was cleaning the counters when she heard the bell again and she walked to the drive threw and said “hello” it was the same person this time he said “Hello..” what can I get you tonight?” I asked the man. The man replied “Nothing on the menu.” “Ok? Are you ok?” I asked. 

The man drove off. I put my head out the window and noticed he was driving a red truck. A few minutes the truck returned. Michelle angry now said I to the mic “Listen up either buy food or go home your harassing me and I will call the police.” The man laughed and drove away. 

Michelle immediately called lisa who was the stores manager and  told her what happened. “If the man returns call the police.” She said and hung up. It was an hour later Michelle heard the bell. 

She grabbed the phone and walked to the window. “Hello?” A different voice said can I get a cheeseburger?” Oh yes I said into the mic and gave him it. He was a completely different person. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost are you alright? The man asked me. “Yeah I just have been harassed by someone. “I’m a cop I can come in the store and keep you company for awhile.” “Oh no thanks I couldn’t..” it’s no problem. 

The man says. “Ok park on the left close to the entrance door I’ll let you in. And thanks” the officer parked his car and stepped out. Michelle’s screamed as loud as she could as the officer turned around the man in the truck struck an axe into his back he fell down dead. The man looked at Michelle and stared charging at the restraint. 

Michelle locked the door and started to barricade herself. She called the police and then called lisa and told her what was happening. The man was smashing his fists at the windows trying to break the glass. He had his axe in his hand. 

The police came fast the man saw the police and turned to charge at them. The police shot at the man and he fell down. They disarmed him and arrested him. As the man was sitting in the back of a police car the man turned and smiled at Michelle and said “she never took my order.” He started laughing as the police drove him off. 

One officer asked if Michelle was ok? Michelle told him everything. We still don’t know what the man wanted or who he was. Apparently the officer who arrested him got into an accident headed to the jail and the man escaped.

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