“True story that happened in Charleston South Carolina”

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This story took place in Charleston South Carolina. This happened around 11:30 pm. I was out taking a brief walk with my mom after dinner. 
We had just gotten back home from “Dueling alley” one of the more haunting locations in Charleston. Anyways on the way back to the hotel we were stopped by a young couple. There was a Brocken bench a few steps from us. The guy was drunk but his girlfriend was not. 
The guy sat on the bench and said “I’ll test it.” He sat on the bench. They took photos for a moment and said that they were getting married. When he stood up he turned to me and forcefully put his hands around my shoulder and said “I want you at my wedding.” I told the man that I didn’t know him and that there was no way I could go. He turned to me and said “ come with me down the alley and we’ll take you to where the wedding is. I told the guy I didn’t want to go in a dark alleyway behind an older building with him. 
He got offended and said “but it’s my wedding and I want you there.” His grip suddenly got tighter around my shoulder. 
“We’re going Now.” 
He whispered in my ear. 
Right as he started to walk and forced me along we saw a police car drive bye and the car was stopped about twenty feet from us. The man released me and started to walk away. 
As I started to walk in the other direction a women came over to me and said 
“it’s a good thing they came. Did you see his other friend in the alley?” 
I turned to her and said “no why?” “She turned to me and said 
“I walked by him and his friend the guy who tried to bring you into the alley said his friend had just lost a lot of money and he was planning to rob somebody tonight and the mood that this guy was in he would have no problem killing somebody tonight.

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