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Poem for all those living inside their own heads, wearing their heart on their sleeve while simultaneously building an impenetrable wall around it, and most importantly, those stuck in the familiar place we all know as the friend-zone

Submitted: September 05, 2013

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Submitted: September 05, 2013



There's a time and a place for fickle dreams
The back of your mind, a consciousness stream
To bottle it up or let it go free
To stay empty and dark or tell it to she
20 years pass and nescient as ever
My passion is aimless, this heart and mind severed
The piano keys play with the egg shells I tread
My thoughts running wild to delusion instead
Of her smile as it wavers on a sun stroked film reel
Her eyes glitter upward and soon to a reveal
A thousand words said in an earth slowing stare
Too good to be true is this moment we share
The silent film watches as my lips start to move
No sound is heard but her face is the proof
Whatever I said brought her heart back to life
But my reality lies in heartbreak and strife
As we quietly sit in this grey, empty room
My heart-rate increasing and my thoughts being consumed 
Escaping my mouth, spin my mercenary words
As my brain tries so hard to merely converse
The truth of it is, unlike this story
My voice doesn't falter and she doesn't  ignore me
No matter how close, no matter how open
Feelings are heard but forever unspoken
My eyes calling out, please rescue me
She knows the truth but turns away from my plea
As we lie here together staring up at the ceiling
Separated by sheets that know not of this feeling
Taking every ounce of my being to stay perfectly still
As I wish to turn over and let my heart be fulfilled
But instead I will wait, forever and a day
Tell her goodnight and avoid the cliché
At least we'll be friends right? That should be enough
Ill just lay here at night, in my dreams we will love.

© Copyright 2018 Nick Space . All rights reserved.

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